“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome.” — Albert Einstein.

Yep, it’s me again…David with Core Of Confidence

Just reminding you that you’re still doing the same thing.

Over and over again.

Expecting a different outcome.

Where you’re doing the same of what ISN’T working.

Which might include nothing at all.

You’re single, again (or still).

Online dating didn’t work, again.

You attracted & dated the same ‘type’, again.

You’re meeting women that like you, but you don’t like them.

You’ve met women in the wrong places, over & over again.

Things always seem to go wrong after 2 or 3 dates, over and over again.

You end up in the friend zone…

Over, and over AGAIN.

Or you get her number, and a few texts go back and forth and then…


Sound familiar?

You, my brother, are stuck in a never-ending cycle.

And it’s not going to stop until you stop spinning yourself the same B.S.

(Over, and over, and over again.)

It’s time to do something different, isn’t it?

Time to attract the women you truly desire.

Have some fun dating hot-as-hell women…

On the way to attracting your ideal lady who is beautiful inside AND out.

Take control of your love life.

Just like you’ve already done with the success you have in your business life.

For real this time.

And for good.


Fill out this form.

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Let me help you get your love life together.

You ready?