I’m going to by ultra-REAL with you here today.

Not that I’m not real with you other emails but this is in terms of some friendly a$$-kicking that will help you get serious on your quest for more confidence & skills with women…

…or GET the F*CK out! 🙂

I mean that in the most brotherly-loving way possible by the way, I really do.

And if you’re brand, BRAND new here like within the last day or two, then this probably won’t apply to you.

However, I do give a sh*t about guys having the life they want with women, social, and whatever it is you want to accomplish in your life.

Having the confidence, power and control so you can feel ALIVE & FREE.

Because that’s what it’s ultimately about.

So you can feel totally f*cking AWESOME about yourself and how bad-a$$ you are and not in a cocky or arrogant way at all…

…but in a way that is INFECTIOUS to people everywhere, especially and including women who just want to f*ck your brains out, or make you their man…

…because of how INCREDIBLE you are.

True freakin’ story man!

That’s what I want for you, that’s my mission and my job here.

And it’s not that I want you to leave if you want to be here or are struggling I get it.

But we’ve got to have some accountability here don’t you think?

Here’s why you SHOULDN’T be here:

1. Not really reading, watching or consuming the info here, you’re just lightly browsing it

2. Not taking to heart what I’m saying or teaching to you in my emails and videos (go watch them they’re awesome) or not taking action when you know you could be

3. Getting annoyed by me or my emails thinking “what the f*ck does this guy know”…

…of course you’re entitled to your opinion but if you’re doing any of that…

Then you should UNSUBSCRIBE right now!

I’m dead serious!

The only other reason to unsubscribe is if you have been using my stuff and it help you to the point where you don’t need it anymore!

Like this guy Scott who sent me this message when I unsubscribed the other day.

“Found the love of my life on my own term with some help from here.”

Do you even know how happy that made me to see that come through?

Massively happy man!

Ecstatically f*cking joyous, in fact.

But I know that’s a rare thing because information alone doesn’t often solve this especially if you’re a shy-trovert stuck in a rit.

Obviously it’s possible but it’s definitely not the norm.

SO if you don’t fit into either of those two categories above and you’re a shy and/or introverted guy…

…who ISN’T making progress you want in meeting, dating & attracting the women you desire (and in socializing too)…

….then LISTEN UP.

I am opening up my schedule TOMORROW Saturday for some afternoon Breakthrough Sessions for those of you who really need help with your confidence & attraction skills.

This is a free session where we’ll bang out your biggest challenges, and see how best I might be able to help you out.

There are a limited number of slots available and I want to be clear on who this is and isn’t for.

Here are the criteria:

This is FOR YOU if you:

1. Really need help with social & sexual confidence with women in the dating game

2. Know that you’re better than you’re current results (or lack thereof) – and are SERIOUS about changing your situation

3. Willing to invest in yourself to get the help you need, of which there’s no shame in doing that (I did it and so have many other smart dudes)

4. Know that you have to become a more awesome version of YOU in order to do this – and take new action to get new results

Who this is NOT for:

1. You’re dead broke or unemployed without a stable job or career (you shouldn’t be focusing on women, bro – go fix that first! It’s way more important.)

2. You aren’t open to coaching or to change and think just some tips or tricks are gonna fix things (they’re not, ask me how I know)

3. You are a big self-victimizer and/or complainer and think it’s not fair where you’ve ended up (see #2 above – variation of the same thing)

4. You’re not an ACTION TAKER, because without willing to take action and just f*cking do it, you’ll be stuck forever

Fit those criteria above? Then you’re in like Flynn.

Here’s were you apply:

–> Apply Now for a Free Breakthrough Call

Let’s do this.