Do you ever find yourself saying:

“Why me?”

Why, despite everything you have going for you, that you’re not attracting the women you want?

Or that you’re still single?

And when you meet hot or great women AND you feel chemistry for any or all of them…

Do you ever wonder why they aren’t interested in your more than a friend, flake on you, are unavailable or just don’t seem to be attracted to you?

Do you sometimes think there might be something wrong with you because you just can’t seem to attract quality women?

Are you sick and tired of being ghosted on…

…and you have no idea WHY?!

Well I’ll tell you why right now.

The real reason these things are happening is because:

You don’t feel empowered from the inside-out.

Essentially you are playing the victim to your life!

Instead of coming from the power position of VICTOR.

And what’s eve more screwed up is that you would NEVER describe yourself this way…especially in any other area of your life.

But the truth is… (brace yourself this might hurt)…

You have what we call ‘victim energy’.

It’s desperate, and needy. It’s just plain unattractive.

Not only does this scare off beautiful women…

But if you don’t learn how to shift out of it, it could keep you single indefinitely!

The good news is THIS:

I’m going to show you how to recognize this victim-state, AND how to move away from it, quickly and easily.

This “victim energy” issue keeps a lot of great & successful guys like you from attracting droves of women…without even knowing it.

When you ask yourself “Why me?” this is known as “rumination.”

In rumination, the brain gets caught in a survival based loop in which you make meanings out of the victim-state you are experiencing; searching for seemingly “logical” answers that makes you feel better.

But these answers only might make you feel better in the short run with a logical explanation (because we as guys like to rationalize things out)…

…and you end up stay just as stuck and often feeling WORSE over time, because nothings in your love life is changing at all!

There is no winning because you never focus on the real problem when you are stuck in this endless loop of “why me” frustration and despair of the victim-state.

So what you are really doing is just coping.

This is the second aspect of having ‘victim energy.’

You cope and rationalize as to “why there are no good women out there” or “they only care about money” or “I’m too old: or whatever the rationalization is.

I hear them ALL every week.

And this is where you get stuck, and stay.

Think about it brother:

How many times have you coped and rationalized only to end up right back in the same spot?

The problem is you never solve the real problem, because the rationalizations come from the system of thinking that is generated by the victim-state!

All these explanations look like so-called solutions, but they just keep the same system of thinking and feeling (why me, victim-mode) in place!

It’s deep I know, but it’s TRUE.

So your results don’t change. Ever.

Like Jeff who came to me when he was 52 with ‘why me’ / ‘victim energy’ and said he felt totally “stuck.”

He felt like he was never going to be able to change his results when it came to women.

Overall, he was losing hope.

He was trying the best he could, but kept collecting the “this isn’t working for me” evidence.

Jeff felt like even though he was a great guy who also was successful in his business, and tried treating women nicely, paying for dates, doing all the normal chasing stuff guys do…

..his results were not changing. Not at all.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been there, done that?

He was sick and tired of it, had his guard up and was almost afraid to even really want success with women, for fear of getting disappointed or failing again.

But Jeff made a few major shifts using powerful tools I taught him.

Which allowed him to finally start focusing on solving the REAL PROBLEM.

Now he is casually dating a totally different caliber of women who CHASE HIM, and even compete for him, sometimes right in front of each other!

Like the other night when he said he was going home and two of the women both said “Wait, you’re going?!? I’ll take you home!”

This is NORMAL in Jeff’s reality now.

This is mindblowing to me, because when he first came to me he was complaining about not only being a shy wallflower, but a women he was dating who got pissed at him because he wouldn’t buy her a stupid $40 necklace in Vegas!

Soon after that he found me and said “that’s it, I’m talking to this guy!”

It’s all so completely DIFFERENT now, like a bizzaro world where he has an amazing vibe, does very little work, and women feel an undeniable chemistry for him, pretty much immediately.

His friends are perplexed, and haven’t even asked how he changed! Some guys aren’t that smart I guess. 🙂

Jeff, or any one of these men, didn’t change their looks, become a billionaire or move cities.I see this kind of stuff happen all the time with the clients I work with.

They just shifted out of “why me” energy, uncovered the real problem, focused on solving it, and now they are in a place of confidence, ease and effortlessly attracting & dating the women they want!

They are enjoying the process so much, and living their love lives on THEIR terms.

So listen up brother:

This week I’ve opened up some extra space on my calendar, so you can finally focus on solving the real problem and get REAL results.

The kinds of results where you get your pick of the litter of the women you want, have the confidence and ease to attract them like a magnet…

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I’m willing to get on the phone with you for FREE to give you a game plan to help you attract the hot and high-quality women you want…

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My advice is to grab your spot to speak ASAP…like now.

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But here’s the thing:

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In other words:

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You are committed to being the kind of guy that can attract super-hot women for the rest of his life with ease, and be totally OK with them chasing you, trying to sleep with you or be your girlfriend…

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Talk soon.