I’m just about to head out and hit the town with some friends.

I’ve got some happy trance music pumpin’- Above & Beyond – I love them!

Downtown is always hopping in Denver these days  and I’m excited to hang and meet new people too.

And lots of hot chicks as always!

It’s why I’m also going to talk about the HUGE value in being more social.

Some guys think they can get the girl without social skills or being social…

…and while you can, you are SERIOUSLY handicapping yourself by not playing a more social angle.

In fact, I talked to a guy last night who wanted to coach with me, and I had to tell him no, because he didn’t want to be social at all

…had no friends

…and wasn’t willing to build up his social network AT ALL.

Sorry dude, that’s not gonna fly.

Women can FEEL IT when you have a social life or not, or are a social guy.

It’s really easy to meet new women when you have a social group to leverage.

Whether that’s through get togethers, or going out on the town with friends, there’s no substitute.

Yes you still have to talk with people and of course women.

And the truth is, you can create a social group around you by going out alone if you know what you are doing which is VERY ATTRACTIVE to women.

You need to be talking to both men and women when out and women pick up on that.

Don’t worry about if the women are all attractive or not

…women just like guys talking to ANY women.

I know you probably think that what I”m saying is crazy and that you just want to “get the girl” straight out

…but attraction doesn’t work like that especially with the HOTTER women.

Sorry buddy, I had to learn the hard way and I’m just trying to save you some time here.

AND it didn’t used to be this way for me.

If you are sittin’ on the couch, and wishing you could go out, but are too nervous too, or anxious to talk to women (or people even or feel rusty)…


I spent many nights like that too.

It’s OK, no judgment here.

But I eventually ended up forcing myself  to go out alone especially once I discovered I had anxiety both around people and certainly attractive women.

I knew I wanted to conquer it from holding me back to having the life I wanted as a man.

And maybe you don’t really want to go out at night, but the day time instead.

Maybe thought you aren’t even planning to go out during the day on the weekend coming up or don’t have many people (or any) to hang with but you want to.

I get that too.

The pull to stay in the house is way easier than facing your fears.​

So I encourage you to GET OUT of the house now man.

And if you just can’t right now, then go ahead and go through my Good Guy’s Guide To Magnetically Attracting Women.

If if you do choose to go out tonight, you might be able to watch it before you go out, or tomorrow I encourage ALL of you to watch it, or watch it again if you already have.

Watch The Guide For Magnetically Attracting Women Now

I KNOW it will help you.

Talk to you soon.