What’s up for the weekend?

Up to anything good?

If you’re shy & introverted struggling with women in dating and on the social scene, I hear you.

It used to be that way for me.

And I want to paint the picture of what’s possible for you if you feel stuck and frustrated as hell by it all.

For me this weekend:

I’ll be working all night, and might go out but I’m cutting back on my drinking these days.

Kind of a pact me and a core group of friends have with each other.

Besides I’ve got PLENTY of stuff to keep up with to get to you guys hear, among new stuff for some new coaching clients who are taking their confidence, social and dating lives to the next level.

Rest of the weekend I’ve got a BBQ to hit, tennis with a buddy, and possibly a punk rock show on Saturday night.

So here’s the deal:

I want you to know that if you do things the RIGHT way, you don’t have to chase women and you don’t have to be aggressive like some bad-boy, a-hole jerk.

Sexy & social introvert doesn’t chase or pursue women because that’s old school and doesn’t fit his personality.

He comes in, brings the good vibe has some conversational exchange.

Then HE leaves.

Leaves the chicks (and people) wanting more.

Knowing his own awesomeness contributes to everyone just by BEING THERE.

No, it’s not cocky, not arrogant and not “I’m better than you” hell no!

It’s “I’m awesome, I love myself and my life” and “why don’t you join me because you can have it too, if you don’t!”

Because the TRUTH is most people don’t feel this way about themselves.

And it’s my belief that everyone can and SHOULD.

I have had to FIGHT so much negative programming and low self-esteem for YEARS, not even realizing how bad it was for me on the inside.

Yes you’ve got to be a good-enough conversationalist…

…but you don’t have to be some over-the-top extrovert….

…or super conversational master.

You just need to be socially savvy, believe 100% in yourself, and have a sexy edge…

…which means flirting, bantering, challgening and teasing ALL women (not just selective HOT ones)…and joking around with the dudes…

…being relaxed yet energetic.

Bringing the good vibe.

This is an ENERGY thing my friend.

AND it wasn’t always this way for me.

I’ve been working my ASS off in the last couple of weeks so tonight and tomorrow I’ll go out and blow off some steam.

And NO…

…it didn’t always used to be this way for me!

I was a “social dud” and a self-sabotaging f*ktard with women in horrible ways.

So I’ve got empathy if you feel like that’s you…though you probably weren’t even as bad as me!

Anyhoo, as always I encourage you to get out and about on the weekend and start some conversation with people with the attractive ladies…

…and BELIEVE in yourself.

It’s actually the #1 key to succeeding.

And if you AREN’T making it out this weekend then you should check out my training and case studies page here and get some stuff in place:

–> Good Guy’s Guide + Case Studies

If you are making it out then good for you…

…you should watch it anyways, because it can help you.

Especially if you watch the videos by the “Joes” and hear their stories of success and absorb their thinking and mindsets….

…which is a HUGE part of this more than you know.

The guy that is the social and sexy introvert THINKS a certain way which drives how he acts…

…as much as you’d like to believe it’s all “what to say and do” or any fancy techniques.

Again it’s about BECOMING that sexy mofo.

So I’ve got a bit more work to do after sending this email out…

…then I gotta clean up and get all pretty for a night on the town.

I don’t mean to be breaking hearts tonight, but those are just casualties of war…because there’s only one of me and so many ladies out there.

I kid! But not really 🙂

You should be thinking the same way about yourself BTW I’m not freaking joking!

HARDCORE positive self-image is where it’s at man, and you got to reshape your beliefs to get it there.

Otherwise you’ll keep getting KILLED in the dating & mating game.

Hey I didn’t make up how this works, I just learned it through years of slogging it out.

And I’m here to make it all easier for you, that’s my job.

Whatever you do have a good one this eve.

And don’t forget to watch the training and case studies right here…

–> Confidence Training Guide + Case Studies