Guess what?You might not have what it takes to attract the kind of women you want..

…and have the love life of your dreams.

Let’s find out, shall we?

Here’s the only question you need to ask yourself:

Do you 100% without a doubt believe that you DESERVE to be with beautiful women?

And by that I mean inside AND out.​​​​​​​

If you’re mind starts making excuses like “I’m not good looking enough” or “I don’t make enough money” or “I’m not in good enough shape”…

…then those are all evidence that you don’t have the believe.

You might think it’s based on those reasons (or hundreds of other variations), but you’d be WRONG brother!

I’ve seen it too many times, guys that weren’t as good looking, in worse shape and/or that made less money than me pull hot chicks, while I stood there with my drink in my hand like a limp d!cK.

Think about it:

Ever seen a guy like that, even just one?

Or were you so caught in your head, swallowing in your own ego to believe all those BS excuses about looks, money or physical shape?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t work on these things, and as an already savvy professional or biz owner who’s likely been fairly financially successful, you know how you gotta protect that cash from the ladies, lest you find a good one!

If the answer is YES, and you have been making these types of excuses then you have to STOP IT right now and realize that it’s your mindset and behavior primarily driving how attractive you are to women!

And you need a system the just WORKS.

Today, I’m going to give you a DEAD-SIMPLE mindset strategy that can help you hit your goals with women and dating much faster.

And I’ll give it to you in one sentence that you need to start repeating over and over in your head, to start to BECOME this man.

“I am a sexually magnetic man and women chase me.”

I’m not kidding.

Instead of those garbage excuses you’ve been telling yourself from above or saying things like “she’s too good for me” or “she probably has a boyfriend.”

Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t…

…but what’s that got to do with your VIBE man?!?!

Absolutely nothing!

And when you think those thoughts like “she’s too good/pretty/etc for me” it comes across as a needy creeper unconsciously!

When you cultivate a powerful mindset like I just gave you above.

3 amazing things happen:

You stop trying to go after women.

You stop being desperate and becoming sexy just with your vibe alone.

You become the pursued and women the hunters!

And it’s what women want to do anyways – because  every guy chases them down or tries to hit on them get them on a date, or get into their pants!

They start to do the chasing you used to do.

You don’t give a crap if you get a number, date or sexy because you have this sexy indifference about you.

You have many more options with women.

A “pool” of women to wade in, if you will!

You get to feel good, whole and complete within yourself when being social and interacting with women…


Before you even open your mouth!

So what’s stopping you?

Remember – the way the world works is that you either set your own mind, your own vibe, shape your own world with women…

…otherwise your already programmed in conditioning does it for you!

Either you step up and become the sexy mofo you want to be, or women, other guys (yes even your friends) will continue to reinforce who you’ve been or into who THEY want you to be…

…and it ain’t pretty my friend!

Every morning, we get to wake up and create our own story of the kind of man we want to show up as.

So who are you going to be today and tomorrow?

P.S. You’re either being and acting as the guy that women want, confident, believing in yourself and knowing you have the goods…or you’re not.

And if you’re not then apply to get some direct help from me…because I’ve been through it and been helping guys just like you for YEARS on confidence & attraction.

P.S. I have this stuff completely dialed in, and can help you. So let’s get a time on the calendar, talk about your biggest roadblocks and map out a plan to get you there.

But you’ve got to reach out first so…

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