Fair Warning:

You might not have what it takes to attract the kind of women you desire.

Let’s find out, shall we?

Do you 100% without a doubt believe that you DESERVE to be with women you find attractive or even gorgeous?

Because if you are currently making excuses like:

“I’m not good looking enough”

“I don’t make enough money”

“I’m not in good enough shape”

Then those are simply just evidence that you don’t have the belief system that you need to succeed with women.

You might think it’s based on those reasons – or hundreds of other variations.

But you’d be completely wrong and those are self-inflicted barriers.

I know for a fact, because I’ve seen it too many times – and I used to believe the same lies.

I’ve guys that weren’t as good looking, in worse shape and/or that made less money than me pull hot chicks who were crazy over them.

While I stood there with my drink in my hand, like a limp d!cK.

Or in the grocery store I’ve seen too often the dude with his smokin’ hot girlfriend and he’s relaxed as can be while she’s at his side.

He’s not even dressed that well – you can tell he doesn’t have much money.

Ever seen a guy like that, even just one over the course of your life?

I’ll bet you have if you take a look.

And if you haven’t then wake the F%ck up and take a look around.

I’m telling you how this works, so either you stop arguing with me in your head right now or get on board the truth train.

And what about this:

How many times have you passively stood by when some other guy was busy succeeding?

While you were wallowing in your own excuses to believe all the BS in your noggin about looks, money or shape.

If you have been making these types of excuses, then it’s time to make a decision

The decision to STOP all this excuse making, right now.

Finally agree to see the truth about all I’m spitting to ya.

On top of all that, here’s a dead-simple mindset strategy that can help you do this.

This is an example of a powerful one-sentence belief that you need to start repeating to yourself, to cultivate the vibe you need to get women chasing.

Here it is:

“I am a sexually magnetic man and women want me.”

Just imagine what would happen if every time you caught yourself making these excuses (that you’ve now decided to drop), that you replaced then with that thought instead?

Game-changing, man.

No more even saying things like “she’s too good for me”.

Or “she probably has a boyfriend.”

Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t.

But what’s that got to do with your VIBE man?!?!

Absolutely nothing!

When you think those thoughts like “she’s too good/pretty/etc for me” it comes across as weak in your vibe, to boot.

You’ve finished before you’ve started not only with her, but with other women.

When you cultivate a powerful belief like I just gave you above, amazing things can start to happen.

Things like:

[+] You stop trying to go after women.

[+] You stop being desperate and becoming sexy just with your vibe alone.

[+] You give off the vibe of the pursued, to allow women to hunt (and they are on the hunt believe me)

It’s what women want to do deep down already.

Because every guy chases them down or tries to hit on them get them on a date, or get into their pants!

And they are tired of dealing with guys like these.

Instead they want a laid back guy who knows his worth, is comfortable around women which all makes it EASY to deal with women, coming from this place.

With this vibe, you have many more options with women. A “pool” of women to wade in, if you will!

You get to feel good, whole and complete within yourself when being social and interacting with women.

Which is HIGHLY attractive in fact.

Instead you’ll be the guy they are drawn to like a moth to the flame, instead of like all the other guys who’ve either shot themselves down already.

All the guys (and you might be one of them right now) that are hunter-chasers who are always trying too hard and putting in way too much work to convince her to go out with them.

So what’s stopping you from flipping the script on everything you know about women, like I always talk about?

Other than your excuses, that is.


The way this works is that you either:

  1. Control your own mind, your own vibe, shape your own world with women…
  2. Your follow your default programming & conditioning that keeps you stuck and trapped where you are.

Either you step up and become the sexy mofo you want to be or women, other guys (yes even your friends) will continue to reinforce it for you.

And that ain’t a pretty way to live my friend!

Every morning, you’re either choosing to be and act as a guy that women want and chase, with a calm confidence and have your mojo dialed-in…

…or you’re not! Simple as that.

It’s one or the other, there is no sliding scale here.

So who are you going to choose to be?

The decision is yours.


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