It’s simple and short tonight.

If you feel like you can’t figure out what to do in order to build your confidence and become the most attractive version of yourself….

…so you can attract the kinds of women you want whether to date a bunch casually, openly and honestly OR find the right chick to get into a relationship with, where YOU are the chooser (not her)….

…and you are having a HARD TIME doing this on your own…

…then let’s talk!

I spoke 4 other guys today like many of you struggling with the following issues:

[+] Shyness around beautiful women
[+] Getting caught in the friend zone
[+] Neediness pushing away women
[+] Been out of the game for years, lost confidence because of that
[+] Back on the dating scene after long-term relationship including separation or divorce
[+] Bad ends to relationship and not wanting to get

If any of those issues (or most) resonate you it’s very likely I can help.

I still have some FREE Breakthrough Session slots open in the next few days if you want some of my personal help with your situation in the world of women.

Since I’m giving my free time on these calls, there are a few criteria.

They are:

1. You must be ready to make some changes
2. You are willing to invest in yourself
3. You must be an action taker

Oh…and you must have watched a free training, some videos or SOMETHING of my content as well – and learned or got something out of it.

That last one is SUPER important actually.

So if that sounds like you then go ahead and apply now.

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On this call we’ll see if or how I can help you out and really help you get clear on your challenges and what barriers you are up against.

Clarity is where it all starts, without that it’s hard to know where you are, to get where you are going.


P.S. I know how painful and tough it can be to feel stuck and frustrated with any of the above, because I too have been there…

…just consider that the sooner you decide to take care of this, the better as we’re not getting any younger and life goes by fast, or so I’ve noticed more than ever at 41 years of age!

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