Do you want a great girlfriend to snuggle up to – or just some top-notch dating action during the holiday season…

…with women you actually find hot?

Here’s the deal on attracting women during the holiday season:

It truly can be a boon or bust depending on how confident and attractive you are as a man roaming this earth…

…just trying to navigate the landscape of dating, mating and relationships and get a little piece of the action.

Because the TRUTH is this:

The holiday season through Christmas and New Year’s Eve is one of the HOTTEST times of the year for dating!


Because women want to have a man to snuggle up with (and do other stuff of course too :)…

…even to the point of DESPERATION.

They don’t want to be ALONE during the holidays, not to mention New Year’s Eve.

They want to be hanging out with their sweetie and kissing him on NYE.

Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself even, feeling so desperate to have someone to spend quality time with during the holidays?

Which BTW kills your chances and your vibe of attracting women and actually repels them.

So the problem is that you might not have known all this in the first place let alone you simply don’t confidence and attractiveness to do so are your COMMAND…

…no matter WHAT time of the year!

How do I know?

Because I talk to 5-10 guys every week about their dating struggles and now that the holidays and winter is approaching I start hearing things like:

“There’s no available women during the holidays!”

“I don’t know where to go to meet women! (or be social) during the holidays”

“It’s too cold and no one goes out in the winter time”

“No one’s around anyways and everyone is on vacation”

“All the women already have boyfriends or they say they do when I talk to them”

…the list goes on and ON!

But you know what these are?

These are ALL limiting excuses coming from your limiting mindset and attitude.

Or a lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities…

…or a pure lack of understanding how attraction WORKS with women.

It’s like when I start to hear these things from a guy reaching out for help on a Breakthrough Call I just know that 99% of the time he doesn’t know what he’s doing…

…or maybe is so bitter and jaded and deflated from a lack of success that he’s having to rationalize his situation just to cope.

And you know what?

I totally get it, been there and done that.

It’s actually NOT his fault!

It’s not your fault either.

You simply don’t understand how all this works, and GIVE AWAY your power to your excuses and even to women.

Though there are similarities with these excuses, every guy is different under the hood with what’s REALLY stopping him.

That’s why I offer FREE Breakthrough Sessions to help guys who are struggling with dating ESPECIALLY during the holiday season…

…when instead of being stuck and frustrated you should be CLEANING UP with what I just told you!


…for many guys it’s not enough to know women are seeking to shack up with a dude during the holidays (or have some fun times) especially if you aren’t getting the results you want before, during or after the holidays and into the New Year.

Which is coming on very soon as well…

…and are you gonna let 2018 be the same with the same fears of rejection, loneliness and frustration as 2017 might have been for you?

Don’t let that happen my man.

Instead we can jump on a Breakthrough Call and talk about your situation, what’s working, what’s not….

…and what you’d really like to accomplish in your love life through the holiday season and into the New Year and get a PLAN together for you to fix it all.

Just fill out some info about what’s going on for you right now, and then we can hop on the phone and see how best I can help you with it all.

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Let’s help you get some good lovin’ on during the holidays and beyond…

…so you can crush it for the rest of your life and never have to worry again about attracting the kind of women that you want…

…whether that’s for dating casually or finding the RIGHT woman for you.

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