Here’s one thing that I know for sure if you’re reading this…

…I KNOW that you want to be successful in your dating life with women, and probably your social life too, which directly connects to it….

…which will make you happier all around and help you thrive in your personal and professional life too.

That’s often how we work as men ESPECIALLY if you are already successful in your biz or career and are feeling INCOMPLETE…

…because your dating and sex life with women you truly WANT isn’t where you want it to be.

I totally get it man.

Been there, done that!

That sense of confidence and attractiveness that all of us men desire (yes, even the ones who won’t admit it, we are SO sex driven it’s not even funny.)

I mean what red-blooded man doesn’t want THAT?

But sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

And even though you may “know” what you’ve gotta do…

…it doesn’t mean you actually ARE doing it, or that you’re even able to do it for yourself and by yourself.

Hopefully your know my story by now through all the training, videos and emails I’ve sent to help you out…

…and mentioned how even I’ve done a lot of work to get to where I am as a “low key ladies man” including the face I’ve hired my own mentors and coaches.

You see, I believe that we all need someone in our corner ESPECIALLY when we aren’t making the progress we want or getting solid results in any area of life…

…and that includes dating, sex, and relationships with women.

And that’s what I’d love to do for you if you are TRULY ready for a change, ready to make MASSIVE progress and get killer results with women!

I currently have just two spots open in Magnetic Confidence Program where I currently have six guys who are working to breakthrough their confidence & attraction issues with women…

…and they are hell bent on succeeding!

Is that what you want too, perhaps?


[+] You’re sick & tired of the FRUSTRATION  and you’re ready for things to change with your confidence, dating and/or social life

[+] You’re NOT moving forward or doing anything different, other than reading endless emails or watching free videos getting information “crack hits” that make you feel good for an instant, but then you do nothing at all

[+] Even though you’re professionally pretty successful, you feel like a “loser” when it comes to your persona life with women and probably socially too, and you can’t take another day of this

[+] It seems like life is passing you by fast because you’re not getting any younger and it’s draining you mentally and emotionally every day

[+] You find yourself in the same negative situation again and again! (i.e. getting nervous around women you want, can’t approach, can’t connect/flirt, get put in the friend zone, get “flaked on”, things don’t advance

after a date or two, women disappear, fear of escalating things like getting her number, kissing, sex, etc..)

[+] You’re committed to doing putting in effort and even giving it the “ol’ college try” that will change things and get REAL RESULTS with attractive women (or special lady) you want in your life

[+] You’ve tried fixing this on your own, but it hasn’t worked, and you’re not sure what really to do…and you realize you can’t do this alone

[+] You’re willing to take responsibility for your situation, lack of action and lack of results  (even if you’re not sure how or why, that’s why I’m here to help you figure it out)

[+] You’re done letting a lack of confidence and feeling unattractive or unskilled with women hold you back any longer including the fear and/or the anxiety of not having your dating life handled – you’re so friggin’ DONE-ZO with letting it rule over you any longer.


[-] You’re still in the “wait and see” stage with your dating life (you know the waiting and hoping that things will change which will never come) and willing for things to get even WORSE

[-] You just want to pick my brain, “feel heard” or get some magical tips n’ tricks (and you think that’s actually gonna help you fix this)

[-] All you want to do is blame women or other people for your situation, and not take charge

[-] You’ve given up and don’t believe that things can change

[-] You’re unemployed or broke, don’t have a job or functional business currently (sorry man, but you’ve got bigger issues than I can help you with and HONESTLY fixing things with women isn’t nearly as important as fixing your career & income situation, and I’m not a career or finance coach 🙂

So which is it?

All you need to do is fill out a bit of info on your current situation, pick a slot on my calendar and we’ll be off to the races to seeing if/how I can directly help you…

…and if you’d be a fit for this program, which gets PHENOMENAL results for those guys who are truly committed and take action!

Like Joseph says about his results:

“The Core Confidence stuff we worked on together allowed me to step into the room very confidently and be attractive…not in the the thought process of trying to impress her, pick her up.

I ended up dating a lot that summer…through this work, I met my current girlfriend and we’re coming on 3 years of being in a relationship together!”

-Joseph | Washington DC .

>> Apply Now for the Magnetic Confidence Program

On your application call we will:

  1. Identify what’s getting in the way of your achieving the results you want
  2. Clarify what your ideal vision looks like that the program will help you to achieve

As long as you are a true fit for my program as a committed, action-taking man, you just might  get an invite into my exclusive coaching program…

…which will drastically TRANSFORM your life and results with women like you’ve never seen before!

That’s a freaking promise for the right guy.

So if you’re ready for things to change, you really wanna breakthrough and up-level your results, then let’s talk!

–> Apply Now to Transform Your Love Life


P.S. For those of you that fit the criteria above you might be on the fence about applying, and I get it. Just consider that waiting and hesitating in getting help and FIXING this is a major & hidden roadblock most guys face that prevent them from moving forward.

So if you truly want change, and to change FAST (it’s truly not a fit for everyone) then I’m encouraging

you to go apply now for a consult and let’s get to fixing this man…

–> Get to FIXING this now