I STILL can’t believe it man…

…how FAST 2017 is going already as we’re already into February and Valentine’s Day is even coming up!

And maybe you haven’t considered it:

…but 2017 might just be your best year EVER in terms of success with women…

…but that’s only if you DO SOMETHING about it!

Because if not, NOTHING will change for you!

I didn’t make the rules, that’s just how this works for all of us, brother.


Do you want to have 2017 be so awesome with with women where you get to new heights of being able to attract, meet and date the hot, sexy and high-quality chicks that you truly want.

But I know what you probably are thinking…

“Oh everyone else but me reading this can do it. But not me.”

“That all sounds nice, but that’s only David giving me a pep talk.”

“Whatever man, just another email that makes me feel like I don’t measure up to anything.”

“It’s all about money, looks and I’m too old anyways…”

Or how about…

” Who the f!#K is this guy David anyways telling me this?!?! What does he know?”

And I get it, I might be saying that too if I was reading this.

But here’s the thing, man:

None of those thoughts will help you move forward, especially that last one (kidding) :).

See you think those statements are true, but they are just your thoughts limits, excuses or reasons you give yourself that keep you stuck and justified where you are.

They do you NO GOOD!

Crappy, limiting beliefs you’ve picked up along the way or bought into as you’ve gotten older.

That you’ve become resigned on in some way whether overt or subtle in nature.

And they ALL can be changed.

In fact, they HAVE TO be changed if you want to flip this around 180 degrees with hot women you want.

Because they play out in your day to day interactions, your energy, your vibe with women whether you know it or not.

Thoughts EXACTLY like those come across in how confident you seem to attractive women, how sexy or “in the vibe” you are, and if you are one of those top 3-5% of men, they get away with stuff with women, that the rest don’t.

That’s the rub here, man.

So unless you are going to decide to let them continue to have power over you…

…FRUSTRATE you and make life painful for you.

But if you aren’t able to do that yourself you are probably going to need some help, right?

That is exactly where I come in to help you out.

And I’ve got something super SPECIAL for you here…

It’s my high-impact condensed training guide that will show you how to be magnetically attractive to women…

…all so you can have the life with the WOMEN YOU  ACTUALLY WANT…

…and have the lifestyle you were meant to have as a successful guy already in the other areas of your life.

I also realized my initial training at nearly 90 minutes was too long for many of you, so I’ve condensed it into the absolute essentials you need to get results in your life with women you desire.

Go watch it now it’s less than 40 minutes:

The “Fast Guide’ To Magnetically Attracting Women

You get to choose what to do.

So what are you going to choose?

You gonna do nothin’ or you gonna do somethin’ ’bout it? (Said in a Tony Soprano New Jersian-Italian mafioso accent)…

I say it’s time to get on it if you want to solve this area of your life, because time’s a-wasting.

Do something about it now, that is what this training is here for:

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P.S. I PROMISE you will learn at least one POWERFUL thing that will totally shift your mind around attracting women on this training

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