Did you know there are two types of confidence that you MUST have to crush it in your dating life?

If you want to have real POWER and CONTROL as a man in this arena, and not just get one-off results…

…but have women constantly attracted to you, and be your own version of “the man”…

…so you can have alive, kick-ass and straight up fun experiences with women…

…whether you want to connect on deeper levels, have a lot of casual fun and/or both…

…then you have to NAIL down these two confidence types.


If you don’t have both of these then you’ll have holes in your attractiveness as a man and in generating that “it” factor that women love.

So as I go through these two types of confidence and where they apply, take note of where you might be struggling to help yourself move through it.

Ready? Let’s go…

TYPE 1: Social Confidence

Social confidence means you have solid social skills and a general ability to talk to people, both men and women.

Unless you want to be a really aggressive/overt, super-sexualized type of guy with women aka “The Hunter” who is grabbing up on them, saying very direct things…

…which I’m going to assume you’re not cuz that sure as hell ain’t my style, and no need to (I like being magnetic, son!)…

…then you’ve got to talk to both women AND men and be good at navigating conversations with both.

This is really advantageous because it plays on the very real principle of SOCIAL PROOF from Dr. Robert Cialdini…where human beings look and care about social status within a group or room and are constantly scanning for it.

So where does Social Confidence apply the most?

It applies to:

[+] Starting conversations with people including attractive women

[+] Connection and rapport with people + attractive women too

[+] General joking around with folks

[+] Exchanging contact info for social reasons

[+] Inviting people to hang out, events, etc

[+] Continuing relationships with people

[+] Expanding and maintaining your social circles/networks

Some of you might be going “duh” on this one and are saying “WTF David this is obvious” or “who the hell cares about this?!?!”

Well, I’ll tell you EXACTLY why it matters.

Having solid social skills shows CONFIDENCE to women, which is ATTRACTIVE, bottom line.

I could bore you with anecdotes and studies but I won’t do that right now.

This kind of confidence CANNOT be avoided.

If you suck or don’t care about conversing with the checkout girl or guy at the grocery store, then what makes you think you can talk to that hot girl?

I get emails and applications to talk to me for help all the time from guys who “just want a girlfriend” or “to sleep with as many women as possible” who clearly don’t have many friends, or any social circles.

These guys are DOOMED.

Now what I am NOT saying is that if you don’t have much social confidence or much in the way of social circles going on that TOTALLY OK…

…but you have to CARE about it enough to be “social enough” so it plays into your results with women.

Also, because lots of attractive women are social and hunting for “a man” and the best qualified way they hope to find him is often through other friends, or going out with the girls, etc to social places like bars, parties, events, etc…

Now of course this ISN’T the only kind of confidence you need…

…because it’s totally possible to be socially confident and have people like you, but get constantly stuck in the friend zone with all women, or the women you want…which totally SUCKS, I know bro!

Important to note, you just need to be socially savvy, not a social master in terms of confidence & skills.

You don’t have to be the life of the party extrovert, at all, but you need enough social confidence & skills to show you know what’s up.

You also will appear as someone who knows a lot of people or a leader.

It is very attractive, and can create a lot of attraction with women around you.

But, if you don’t know how to move things forward with her, then it can all come to a screeching halt in terms of being seen as a guy women want.

So that brings us to the 2nd type of confidence you need which is…

TYPE 2: Sexual Confidence

Sexual confidence is the ability to have a sexually attractive presence or vibe…

…and also move things along with a women in a romantic and/or sexual direction.

It’s totally required, yes-sir it is!

Without it, you can meet lots of people and women, but can easily get caught in the friend zone.

Sexual combined with social is also how we create magnetism that “draws” the ladies to you and creates a frenzy, if you are interested in that.

Sexual without social means that you’ll have to be more aggressive and a hunter, vs. being more like a king or mayor who everyone wants a piece of.

You can get away with using mainly sexual confidence, however it’s also more polarizing far less “smooth” or subtle, and you’ll be on the chase and have to pursue her a lot more.

Which is why I tout the benefits of becoming a social introvert, it’s powerfully subtle way to attract women…of course with some sexual confidence thrown in there.

Sexual confidence involves:

[+] Having a sexual vibe/presence which starts with mindset and is expressed through eye contact, facial expression, body language and your “energy”…

[+] Playing with sexual tension in conversations with women and flirting

[+] Inviting, suggesting or advancing things towards keeping in touch, setting up a date, hangout or hookup

[+] Physically escalating things via touching, kissing, heavy petting and ultimately sex

[+] Dirty texting or talking in between (only after you’ve been intimate however doing it before having had sex actually kills sexual tension and that’s not good)

[+] Exploring things sexually with women perhaps more adventurously


You might struggle with one type of confidence or the other, or perhaps both.

A big trap that many shy & introverted guys fall into that are struggling is not getting the help they need when they are not moving forward with their social and sexual confidence…

…to get the results they want with women.

That’s what I did to improve myself and I haven’t look back since.

So if you want to get on the path to really breaking through and moving forward here in this area of your life…

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…but you’ve got to learn how to fish and not just get fish given to you, it doesn’t work like that.

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