Ever feel like you’ve tried all the tips, tricks and strategies even…but still aren’t attracting or getting the kinds of results you want with women?

Or you keep hoping that “the next thing” will be the magic pill that solves it all…

…whether it’s an info product, ebook or even a dating app?

Especially if you’re a shy guy who’s having trouble attracting the women he wants?

I SO get it. Been there done that.

And look, if tips, tricks and strategies DO move you forward and totally change things for you then GREAT.

But if they AREN’T doing the trick (so to speak) then listen up…

…what you need isn’t what you THINK you need.

You don’t actually need more information you need a TRANSFORMATION, which comes down to you.

Not the techniques, or the particular thing to say or do, but it comes down to YOU and how you actually are or “how you roll” through the world in terms of confidence.

I’m not saying there aren’t effective techniques out there to help (yes I do help with those too), but behind those strategies and techniques is the KIND OF GUY that you are.

Not only that but the kind of LIFESTYLE you live.

Now when I say lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you need to be rich or famous, or even really good looking…

…but you have to have created, or be in the process of creating an all-around lifestyle you want…

…otherwise even if you do get the women it won’t last, and most certainly you won’t be HAPPY and it will be tumultuous at best with women.

Ask me how I KNOW! (personal experience indeed!)

Far too often we focus on all the T’s (tips/techniques/tricks) instead of what’s behind that, that creates the man.


So let me ask you some questions and give you an exercise that can help you out.

I want you to either get out a pen and paper or open up a document and write down the answers to the following…

1. What is your VISION for the lifestyle you want to have NOT just with women, but also in all areas of your life?

2. What do you VALUE most in terms of what’s important to you (HINT: women CANNOT be #1!)

3. Given the answers to #2 and three, what kind of man do you believe you’ll need to BECOME to make that happen?

Write down those answers, and shoot them back over to me if you’d like. You don’t have to, but I’d love to see them.

Or you can keep them to yourself and use them to help you MOVE FORWARD, especially if you’re stuck and the tricks ‘n’ tips aren’t helping you move forward.

P.S. If you’d like to see how I can personally help you with your dating situation, you can apply for a FREE Breakthrough Call, where we’ll be able to determine if or how I can help you transform your life with women…

…including creating the lifestyle you want all around, and become the most confident, powerful and attractive version of you, to attract the women you want.