There are four major ones you need to be aware of.

Each one could seriously damage your chances with the ladies.

The one they are INSPIRED to pursue!

They are:

1) Pedestalizing
2) Chasing
3) Not Meeting Women Socially
4) Lack of Sexual Vibe

Most guys don’t think or realize any of these factors.

If there’s one they do realize it, might be that meeting women online just sucks, when it comes to attracting quality women.

Some guys are so scared to meet women socially, they think meeting women online is their only option.

So they’ll blame the online dating system for their lack of results.

I completely get why.

They don’t want to face up to their lack of confidence.

But here’s the TRUTH:

This online dating nightmare that doesn’t work well for most all men (and tons of women for that matter).

It’s easy to see how one’s dating life can become a cesspool.

I mean…isn’t it?

Lots of pickup and dating gurus have their magic pill lines and info products.

Which gives lots of ways to chase women (violating rule #2 above.)


They can have something fancy to say, some clever technique.

Focusing way too much on “the opener.”

Trying to get it just right, perfect it.

Instead of just saying “hey, how are you all doing tonight? What’s happening over here?”

Nothing fancy or contrived.

Just normal, social and laid back.

See the lack of hitting on her?


Or they’ll teach you creepy touching methods to try to “escalate” physically.

Instead of laying back, letting her touch you and inspiring her to chase MORE.

They’re trying to convince the girl to pick them.

Push her into giving her number.

Push her into a date.

Push her into sex.

Instead of compelling her to give her number or grab yours.

Compelling her to enthusiastically say “yes!” as you invite her to the next place.

And you have no social proof.

But it gets even worse.

Cuz what about:

Buying them drinks?

Staring at them across the room?

Trying to keep her attention?

Competing with other guys over her?

Telling her what she “should” go do with you?

Going by the rule “no means yes, or not yet”?

Forcing her to decide whether she likes you or not?

Trying to get your body perfect (aka six pack abs) before interacting with women?

Trying to persuade her over text to go out with you?

Porn? (to escape the pain of not getting laid, or female attention of any kind).

Friggin’ fidget spinners?

And whatever else guys do to try to get women.

Ya see, those?

Are called chasing behaviors.

And that’s the third threat I’m talkin’ about here.

And nobody realizes it.

Which is a bummer, brother.

Cuz it’s the biggest one of all.

Like, not having a sexual vibe.

One where you are a beacon of sexual presence.

Not for any specific women, but radiating a field where.

Ya know?

That’s what you’re up against.

All your “traditional” programming.

Even pickup artists have it wrong.

Everything about pushing things forward with her…

Instead of drawing her in, making her think it’s her idea…

…and HER hunting you down!

Let that sink in.

I mean, damn.

If trying to out-compete other guys like crabs in a barrel  doesn’t kill your results?

Lack of having a sexy vibe will.

Or relying on online dating, where competition is even WORSE than competing with other guys socially…

…and not fixing the ROOT of your confidence and attraction problems.

So whaddya do?

Well, when I help successful men transform their loves lives

Just like I’ve done for my clients.

I go ballistic on helping them develop their confidence and mojo like no other.

So the women can’t resist them, and must chase them.

It works so well both for having some casual dating fun because you’ve been missing out on the “good life” seeing multiple women.

OR in attracting that ideal lady for you, who’s gorgeous inside-n-out.

Want to talk about it and map out a master plan? Then I’m your man.

Just make sure you’re really ready and committed to fix and change your situation.

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