Here’s what’s sad…

Most successful guys when they try to get or “game” women.

You can just tell.

They’re trying SO hard.

Desperate to get a date.

Or a number or hot lay.

Or a beautiful girlfriend.

It’s like:

Trying Too Hard called.

They want their cheesy lines back.

Or their nice guy nerves and lame conversation – return to sender!

Know what I mean?

But the thing is this:

We want what we can’t have.

Don’t we?

And if you chase women, what’ll they do?

They’ll let you chase them sure.

But they’ll not want to be caught.

Not caught in the way they want to be, FOR SURE.

Either at all, or without a TON of work.

Especially the most ATTRACTIVE women.

Isn’t it?

So you must check your vibe.

What do women “feel” when they see you out and about?

Is it the vibe of:

“She’s so hot, how can I get her?”

“I want her SO bad, if she would only be mine!”

“Please don’t reject me.”

“I’ll pee my pants if you go on a date with me girl!”

“What in the frack do I say to HER?”

“And I’ll do anything you ask, you’re SO beautiful.”

“Want me to cancel my plans to go out with you, of course!”

“What’s that? You wanna flake on me and I’ll just PERSIST more, yeah I’ll just beat you down with text messages…

…until you are so impressed with my try-hard persistence that you’ll just be magically turned-on and you’re mine!”

Or is your vibe generate in her:

“He’s so confident, there’s something about HIM.

“How do I get him to notice me?”

“I’ll bet TONS of women want him.”

“He’s so mysterious, I want to get to know him.”

“OMG he’s so hot, I’d totally f#^k him!”

“A guy like that, I want to make him mine!”

“I’ll bet if he’s single tons of women are after him, he’s not like all the other guys.”

So…which is it?

Chances are, it’s the first.

And I know what you’re thinking.

“Yeah, David. But when you’re hard-up for sex or a relationship, it’s tough to pretend otherwise.”


Who said anything about pretending?

Not me.

I don’t believe in faking it ’til you make it.

Here’s what I believe in:

Creating more demand from women than you know what to do with.


Cuz when the dating calendar’s packed?

And your phone can hardly keep up with chicks blowing you up?

It’s not a front.

You don’t need to beg for a number.

Or “persist and twist” her arm to her to go out with you.

Or sweat like a hot dog over high heat, when approaching a hottie with a face and a body.

Or get all butt-hurt when you get rejected or she’s straight up not interested.

Or keep trying to figure your way out of the friend zone.

It’s all good.

Your dating pipeline’s full.

So full, you can afford to be real with people.

And say stuff like:

“Hey, if you want to get together let me know.”


“Yeah chicks chase me all the time, so what do you have to offer?”


“Yeah, I get called a player all the time, it’s really bad. Something about my vibe I guess. You don’t even know the half of it.”

See what I mean?

Now, not only are women loving the directness…

…but they wanna do start to chase you!

It’s just how it is.

The less you care, the better you’ll do in your dating and life.

Inside AND Out. You’ll feel better and get better results.

Magical even.

We’ll it’ll look and feel magical to others.

But not you, it’ll just be another day as a guy who’s a successful high achiever killing it in his love life – just like the does in his business or career.

And, once again.

Don’t bluff.

The most powerful, ethical and (much more) effective way to create a sexy-as-hell, laid back, good guy, come-and-get-it vibe?

Is to drown yourself in demand…

…and to STOP chasing women.

(Attraction Accelerator #1, brother.)

“David, Dude…you’re right. But I can’t just snap my fingers and have hot chicks beating down my door.”

Really? You can’t?

That’s weird.

That’s exactly what my Magnetic Attraction methods are all about.

Isn’t that something you want to leverage?

To have total power, control and freedom when it comes to attracting the beautiful women you want?

Especially as a successful entrepreneur, high-achieving professional or executive who’s crushing it in your career or biz?

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