Have you noticed this?

That LIFE is a snowball.

As is the journey with women and confidence

WTF do I mean?

(This is going to be a very un-PC email BTW so if you don’t want to get straight, honest a$$-kickin’ talk, then stop reading now…

…but if you want the TRUTH laid down keep going.)

What I mean is:

Any result you can possibly experience is really just a single habit or belief layered upon itself — as many times as you’ve repeated the same cycle…

Just as many times as the snowball has completed rotations.

The bigger the snowball is, the more momentum it has…

…and the more challenging it will be to stop it.

You’ve been in a snowball of shyness, lacking confidence with women, non-dating, non-results, non-progress, non attractiveness…

…yet you can ALWAYS stop it!

You can CHOOSE to develop new mindsets, new behaviors, new habits, and new versions of “yourself” (yes it’s f*cking true except for excuses your ego or subconscious gives you)…

…to start in motion a brand new snowball made up entirely of your CORE values, ideals and true desires.

So consider this:

What “snowballs” have you been growing and rolling in your life over and over again (usually in the form on negative thinking or what you think is “just how it is”…

…with women, dating & socializing) that you might feel helpless about, frustrated or straight up pissed off about?

These are the built-up results of your current habits.

What “Snowballs” do you WANT to be rolling?

These will be the results of the habits you have yet to develop.

Take an objective look at your habits — at your “snowballs” — and OWN them.

Don’t hide like a p*ssy!

Like I’ve f*cking done. Like we all have.

Because taking TOTAL responsibility for your life Experience is the only way to change it…

…including and especially with women!

Drop the past, drop the victim stories and get to work on this.

You can use my videos and email to help you as a strong start.

It’s the only way.

To Your Confidence & Power,