I’m going to be brutally honest for a second.

Right now, there are millions of people trying to date online and offline.

They’re re-writing their profile and trying to make it look a certain way to attract a certain kind of woman….

All of which feels super inauthentic and unreliable.

They’re putting themselves out there.

Going to singles meetups, speed dating events (yes they still exist) or hoping a friend will set them up…

Where they think there will be a lot of available women, essentially forcing themselves to get out into the world.

They’re even hiring local matchmakers or using services like “It’s Just Lunch.:

With the major problem being the extremely LIMITED pool of women there in the matchmaking database, many of which have “hit the wall” or aren’t that attractive, and often these women are desperate.

Some guys are even going on “sugar baby” sites like Seeking Arrangement and becoming sugar daddies, because they are desperate for attention from a beautiful woman.

But it’s money in exchange for “affection” basically. I’m not judged but deep in their guy they know these women can never like them for them, but only for their money.

It’s NOT good and it’s not a real solution.

And despite all of that, most of these successful men aren’t even close to finding men to date that they are remotely interested in and can’t imagine kissing…

Much less meeting a woman of high quality who is reasonably, intelligent, beautiful, sane, fun and not looking for a meal ticket…or have 4 babies and 2 ex-husbands or baby daddies.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that the strategies I mentioned above are absolute crap, in my humble opinion.

If you want to truly attract a woman who has her stuff together, is emotionally intelligent, kind, smart and even financially stable in the next two months, you’ll never get there in a million years if you do those things.

There’s a much shorter path.

But is that the REAL reason smart & successful entrepreneurial men are struggling?


The real reason is that most successful businessmen lack courage in this one area of their life…

Even if they are dynamic dudes who set the world on fire in the business world…and everything else they do.

And, if they’re honest with themselves, they get that the reason that they aren’t attracting the right women is because they are doing things like

[-] Chasing and pursing women like all the other guys

[-] Burying themselves in work (avoidance)

[-] Not taking any action at all with women (fear of rejection)

[-] Giving up b/c they believe there are no good women out there

[-] Dating and hooking up with the wrong kinds of women either crazy and hot, or not-so-attractive but “really nice girls”


And so many times it’s insane to me that what it really comes down to is this:

Theses high-achieving kick-ass men, as successful as they are in their enterprises and other areas of life…

They just don’t feel that they are worthy of the respect, adoration and love from a woman they truly desire.

Even though no one would even know that this is true for them…

They hide it a fast smile, a passing laugh, or by burying themselves in more hard work and achieving more success that “looks good on paper.”

But they are all alone.

They even get told regularly by friends and family things like:

“You’re such a catch! Why aren’t you married yet or have a girlfriend?”

“I don’t get it, you’ve got it all…a successful business, you’ve kept in good shape…you’re a loving father…a great guy…something isn’t WRONG with you is it? (joking laughter).”

And inside he’s not laughing, it’s a real punch in the gut.

He thinks “why in the hell don’t I have a woman by my side? What’s wrong with me.”

He dreads the middle of the night because when he can’t sleep at 3am, he knows he’ll look over to that EMPTY space next to him.

Like all the nights before it, and it seems like it’s hopeless and that maybe he should just give up and go celibate for the rest of his life.

But he’d be wrong.

There is something he can do to change all of this, little known to him, right now.

Because the common point of attraction is HIM, but he’s blind to it.

He can’t see it.

He doesn’t understand that we actually don’t attract based on what we want…

But we attract based on who we ARE…how we SHOW UP.

Let’s be honest here…

Have you ever felt like this guy above?

If you have, don’t sweat it.

Nobody’s perfect. I’ve been there too.

But now that you know that this is about SO much more than just meeting the right woman that you think will will “suddenly appear” out of nowhere..

When nothing you’ve been doing (or not doing) has been working for you.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to commit to making a chance, and use a little courage so you can be the most fully expressed version of yourself…

And make this a TOP priority in your life, since everything else is pretty much together?

What if I told you there was a way you could meet and attract amazing women of high quality, beautiful inside and out…

And leave behind the heavy burden and weight of traditional “hard work” dating approaches….

Without have to compromise your authenticity and standards…

Without ever having to settle?

What if there was a way you could date and be pursued and adored by beautiful women with whom you have both chemistry and can have a deeper conversation with?

You know, a woman who likes and respects you for you, instead of just your success or money…and doesn’t use you for it or put you in the friend zone because she’s got her stuff together.

That’d be pretty freaking awesome right?

So if you want to become the best version of you so you can attract your epic loving woman…

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