It’s bad news:

Just do a survey.

Ask most guys in their mid to late 30s and 40+ what they think of “dating” websites.

I promise you this:

Their approval rating will be somewhere between  “barely mediocre” and “totally horrible”.

I talk to 10 or more of these guys usually in their late 30s through 50s+ and here’s what I notice:

Every week struggling with dating, especially online.

Even younger guys in their 20s are struggling now more than ever with it, too.

Ten years ago, online dating was like shooting fish in a barrel meeting attractive women for all guys.

It was hot and not overly inundated with lame dudes asking for s*x straight out Instagram chicks trying to get attention and a sugar daddy…

Or some dude in India posing as a hot chick trying to scam you out of money through a “bot”.

It was simple and easy back then and everyone could get results.


So many people have been burned by bad experiences with online dating, traditional methods of chasing the girl haven’t worked and either not meeting the women they want.

Or getting constantly put in the dreaded friend zone.

Such a lack of results that they are about to give up on dating and relationships with women entirely!

Maybe it’s happened to you?

Either way, this is something every guy needs to consider carefully if he wants to have success with beautiful women (or just one).

Instead of living the rest of his life like an abstinent monk!

Plus women are so used to tons of attention from dating apps alone, it’s hard to stand out to even get one measly date.

Let alone get in the sack or an awesome & beautiful woman inside and out for a great relationship.

Which is why I recommend going “old school in a new way” when it comes to meeting women socially…

…WITHOUT chasing them down like a jaguar chasing a gazelle!

Some things to consider:

When a woman says:

“Why are guys always hitting on me? Do you think that line will actually work?”

Do you know how to handle THAT situation?

(Hint: it’s not by saying “sorry” or doing anything that resembles hitting on them at all!)

Here’s another thing:

Do you know how to be a confident, laid back yet sexy bad-ass with a slide edge, who’s authentic to his core?

A guy that’s magnetically attracts the kinds of hot women he wants?

(If you don’t really have an idea of what I’m talking about you need to start shifting your beliefs about yourself and how women see you NOW, and clean out any mental baggage on why you don’t deserve them.)

How about:

When YOU wake up in the morning, until you go to sleep at night, do you BELIEVE WITHOUT A DOUBT that women want you, and will do anything to be with you?

While at the same time being the guy that other people (guys, grandmas, women you don’t find attractive) want to be like in terms of your energy, and “giving vibe?”

Learning how to dial-in this vibe in a way that truly works for your core personality, while tweaking all the things you are thinking and doing that are NOT working, is just Step One.

Today, you also need to know how to handle women that have seen every “pickup” or man-on-the-hunt trick in the book.

Or every nice guy who’s got no balls that she has to put up with.

You know, when she’ll give the wrong number to or flake on to not hurt his feelings, because she’s not attracted to him.

Even been in that situation, or are right now?

Every week I hear from guys from shy to gregarious who even get initial attraction from the kinds of women they want…

..and they either get no women (too shy), get flaked on (too needy or nice) or attract crazies or gold-diggers.

There is a HUGE opportunity for you here if you literally DO THE OPPOSITE of what most guys do in terms of trying to “get women”.

Instead of flipping the whole thing over on them, and becoming the guy they set their sights on by stopping the chase while still engaging with women, but letting them chase you.

And in a way these beautiful women actually WANT to experience!

If you’re not attracting the kinds of women you want right now, then you’re most likely on the WRONG path my friend.

Don’t let yourself fall behind any further, or let this get any worse for you..

At Core of Confidence, I’m helping successful guys that struggle in their love lives to truly fix their situation to draw out that best version of themselves.

The version that women want to chase down.

So it easily integrates into their already successful and busy lives.

The time is NOW.

Online dating is only getting getting more saturated, and women more jaded from it.

Guys too.

Most guys are already frustrated – and desperate or needy too.

It’s a new and ever-evolving world.

In fact, I don’t recommend dating at all!

Instead having fun hanging out, enjoying the company of people (and hot women of course)…and have the kinds of relationships you want!

The guys who can truly flip the script and get results in a way that INSPIRES women to join them in their lives…

..are the ones that will crush in their love lives!

If you want to succeed in your love life like you’ve done in your career or business and are having a hell of a time with confidence and/or attraction with the how ladies you desire, then you know what to do below:

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