Thanks for applying, brother. Now here's the deal.
Your application wasn't accepted because of the following reason:

You have answered that you aren't in a financial position currently to invest in yourself  OR you are in a financially distressed position right now.

Why does this matter?

Because the best option actually might be to get coaching and mentoring! It is the fastest way to fix your situation once and for all, and never look back in dating and love life. Truthfully, most guys want to work with me within a few minutes of speaking - so that has to be at least a possibility for you before we jump on a cal.

The simple fact is that coaching simply isn't free my man, I wouldn't be an expert if I didn't focus so much time (100% of my work time, actually) doing this day-in and day-out to help guys in situations like yours to fix their confidence, attraction and dating issues.

So go take care of your career & money stuff first (it's important, and you can do it), then when you have gotten your feet back under you, you can come back and we'll see about me helping you directly in a strategy session. In the meantime, I am recommending you some resources below that can help you even when you're in a difficult financial position.
Thanks again for applying, I hope those options help you decide your next move.


David Hamilton

Confidence & Attraction Coach
Core Of Confidence