Thanks for applying brother.Now here’s the deal, your application wasn’taccepted because of the following reason:

Currently you aren’t quite committed enough to solve your challenges and/or achieve what you want with women and take advantage of this call properly. And that’s OK!
It’s just that in order for me to help someone they have to be in a place where they are willing to step up their commitment to solve their challenges on the way to creating their best love life scenario.I recommend you go check out my Attraction On Command masterclass here, including the case studies of men I’ve helped get awesome results with women, in dating, confidence and upgrading their social life.I recommend this because you need to see what it takes in terms of committed from real guys, who put in real effort, were really committed and therefore could using the coaching to get real results (and fast, too). I’ve included some of my personal experiences, as well in these results.Here’s the link to the Case Studies & Results page: can always reapply later, when you’re more committed, no worries.
Thanks again for applying, I hope those options help you decide your next move.Cheers,David HamiltonRelationships Attraction ExpertCore Of Confidence