Today let’s talk about the signs a girl likes you, also known as “attraction signals.”

You’ll learn about what they mean and how much they matter when it comes to approaching, interacting, and with women and having the love life you want.

signs a girl likes you

I think it’s really great to understand what attraction signals are for sure.

And I get so many busy and professionally successful guys reaching out asking various questions just like this very one.

And typically a lot of times, “I don’t know what to say and do”, “I don’t understand this whole attraction thing even more than that.

So the first thing is, yes you can look up these signs a girl likes you anywhere, very easy to find.

Preening, when a woman touches her hair, eye contact, sometimes they call it the deer in headlights, really wide eyes, touching feet, pointing.

There’s all kinds of things that can happen.

And sometimes it can be hard to tell, let’s say if a girl is more shy or if she’s in a group situation where she’s trying to keep it cool with her friends or some guys who are orbiting around her that may like her but she doesn’t like, she’s the one who hurt his feelings, part of group dynamics, etc.

There’s all kinds of variations. All kinds of little things.

And you can get all of my new details but one of the biggest things that is good to remember is that, the more we’re trying to track all this stuff the more we might actually be missing opportunities for interaction.

Again, it’s good to notice, it’s good to watch, eye contact, all these kinds of things but if no action is taken in meeting or talking to women, then it’s all for naught.

And sometimes it can be really hard to tell for various reasons. Or it may take time for her to warm up, so on and so forth.

Which is why I recommend a generally more social approach.

It’s too much of the hunting and pursuing, pickup, even traditional methods of a man chases a woman.

You’ve got to do all stuff and all the right steps in order on the pursuit process between you and her instead of taking a little bit of wider and more social approach that draws her in, that flips the script on this whole dynamic.

So knowing how to read the signs a girl likes you is so important. I know it, my clients know it…and know you’re going to know them.

When they have questions as we go in detail on things and they learn how to pick that stuff up if they don’t know it at all.

Again, I agree with there is no point of who brought this up that it doesn’t really matter so much in the end because women can express their attractions in many different ways.

And you start to get a gut feel overtime for the more subtle aspects of attraction.

Obviously, the really overt ones like where she’s grabbing you and eye contact can be but sometimes also guys can get tricked and they’re not. If a girl is more touchy-feely and she touches everyone.

Well, what does that mean? It may or may not.

It’s not nearly as important as we think it is.

Plus a lot of times, especially for the more analytical guys who are really held back in fear, really held back in anxiety, and just really hesitant to take action at all.

All that does to try to read the signals and signs of attraction keeps them stuck in their head. I myself is a recovering one here.

And that’s why I work a lot with guys in my programs and in their programs with them really working on learning how to be relaxed, calm, and out of their heads into being more present into their bodies.

I often say, “out of your head, into your body.” All these kinds of stuff and there’s many different ways to have my own special ways that I coach them to.

And I want to help customize each guy because every guy can be different.

A lot of commonalities but some guys respond better to certain techniques than others.

The main point is, not getting stuck in logical information traps and reading it that can often be just a huge defense mechanism in avoidance to taking action, to facing the fear, to being courageous and sometimes not even worrying about all the signs a girl likes you.

Women love boldness and courage. I mean in general, we really revere that in our society.

And that brings a lot of value and inspiration and respect to complete strangers even.

That’s why I love taking generally a little bit of social approach.

I see a little bit more for you shy guys just about getting a little bit more shy guys where guys are already more social.

A lot of times it’s the other stuff the over chasing, over pursuing, pedestalizing, being too protective early on, claiming the woman kind of theirs and it’s not even close to a first date let alone a relationship.

I think it’s important to understand attraction but again, as I like to say in working with guys all the time, “attraction is action.” Attraction is attractive.

And it’s not a complete picture obviously because if we were just able to go out there and take action and approach and hit on women which is the opposite of what I recommend, not the approach or the engagement part but definitely not the pickup hit on approach or hunting women approach.

Action still is part of this picture. It’s definitely part of this picture.

So I hope that helps. Again in wrapping up here, understanding what the signs a girl likes you are, aka attraction signals, yes it’s a super important, and know you know all you need to move things forward with her.

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