I’m gonna talk about a subject that’s really misunderstood.

Because what I find is a lot of guys who are successful in their career or business but struggle on the women front think:

that in order to find a women, they need to lower their standards.

But I have good news for you, brother.

The higher the standards the better your dating experience will be.

If you put up with just anything, then you’ll attract “anything”…

i.e. gold diggers, crazies, endless rejections,  a mixed bag of settling for a non-ideal women who’s often entitled….

…which oftentimes makes these guys feel hopeless, and the quality of women they attract gets worse and worse…

…if they can even engage with the women they want at all!

Which sometimes leaves men feeling like “oh it’s not happening” and “well I’ve just got to settle for scraps” or “I’ve gotta take what I can get.”

No, no, NO!

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you were dating someone that you felt wasn’t really quite enough for you like.

[+] Maybe she didn’t treat you very well or with respect

[+] Maybe she was flakey and did everything on her schedule, which you felt you had to comply with

[+] Or she was straight-up not very physically attractive, overweight, outta shape, homely or the like

…and then start to settle in your standards thinking “well, I guess this is as good as it’s gonna get! (sigh)”

Or “I guess I should just put up with this”

It’s most likely due to a massive scarcity mindset when it comes to women…

…and a lack of self-belief which affects your confidence, your swagger and your resilience in dealing with the battlegrounds of dating…

…where hopelessness starts to set in, then fear of REJECTION for going for what you really want…

…causing a further LOWERING of standards, putting up with more poor behavior, and then you judge and blame yourself.

What a crappy downward spiral!

Maybe your story is that you feel you’re not good enough deep down, even though you crush it in your career or biz, the money is flowing, you’re badass at what you do…

…or you feel frustrated, hopeless and even like something is “wrong” with you.

I’m here to say that you are worth what you truly deserve, but if you are in a place where you feel you have to settle, that will never happen.

And, you can absolutely casually date for fun lots of high-quality hot chicks, or get into  a relationship with your ideal beautiful inside & out women that just gets better and better.

You CAN absolutely get what you want in your love life…

…IF you’re willing to be self-aware and if you’re willing to be committed and to work for it.

It is more important to learn how to be your best and most attractive self so you can attract the kinds of women you want WITHOUT having to go out on a bunch of dates.

Dating is NOT a numbers game!

The more you go out on all these dates just to go through the motions with the kinds of women you do not want or aren’t attracted to…

…the worse you feel about ourselves, the more it all seems pointless, then you have this bad vibe that just repels women…

…and then that’s the perfect time to MISS OUT out on women who could either be incredibly fun to experience or who could be an awesome partner in relationship for you.


If you’re stuck in a pattern of dating the wrong women or just NOT attracting women at all…

…even though you deep down know what you want and are ready to make it happen…

…and you’re an already successful guy in your career or business who is TIRED of settling, lacking confidence, fearing rejection and the life, and you REALLY want to change all this…

…then let’s connect!

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