David here, Happy Friday.

Real quick…

…for just a moment think back to when you were a kid.

Remember the time just before bed?

You’d go through a little ritual like…

[+] Checking the closets
[+] Check under the bed
[+] Sleep with a nightlight on (I used to)
[+] Sleep with a stuffed animal
[+] Ask your parents if the boogey man was going to come and get/eat you

Well, at some point as grown-up men we all have our own personal “boogey man” we are afraid of when it comes to the women we want.

Back then, we had such powerful imaginations.

Your imagination was so strong & powerful, that you could create creatures that just didn’t exist!

So what happened to that innocent kid?

Well, that innocent child outgrew the “boogey man” because that innocent child started dating.

And the second that child started dating, the “boogey man” jumped right into his mind and began living in his head.

Did you guess what I’m referring to here brother-man?

All of you right now are living with the boogey man inside you!

Think about the fears you have when it comes to meeting the opposite sex.

Think about the fears you have when you go to approach a woman for the very, very first time…

…and you have all these thoughts that stop you from actually talking to her.

Get rid of your FEAR so that you can confidently approach and connect with women now.

Those thoughts are actually the boogey man!

It’s the adult version of him!

Can you believe he’s still around?

And as adults we unfortunately have far more fears than children.

You see…

…kids are afraid of things that don’t exist, and until they get hurt doing something, they’ll keep doing it over and over again.

When you were a child, how many times did you jump off the side of your bed until you finally realized that cracking your head open didn’t feel good?

But as an adult, how many times have you approached a beautiful woman and got shot down and then allowed the boogey man to take over all your thoughts?

Or were too shy so you only thought of what “could have been” in your head?!?!

You’ve allowed the boogey man to take control of your mind.

You have created a boogey man far more powerful than any other boogey man you’ve ever created in your entire life.

So how do we eliminate this terrible dude?

Sure, I can give you some motivational words that you could repeat over and over again.

But in reality, the boogey man is situational.

He knows EXACTLY when to pop up.

He may pop up when you even think about approaching a woman.

He may show up when you’re about ready to challenge her and flirt, but you’re worried it might get a “bad” reaction.

He may pop up when you’re about to go try to get her number…

Call me the “Boogey Man Killer.”‘

The Exterminator.

The Wolfman, The Cleaner!

Together, let’s kick the Boogey Man’s right the f*ck out of your head and into never, never land where he belongs.

The starting point?

A free Breakthrough Call with me where we’ll see if or how I can help you out.

Just make sure you’re ready for a change, willing to invest in yourself, and have been impacted in some way by my teachings and I’m certain it’ll be a fit.

Make sure you are READY to solve the boogey man issue aka eliminate the sh*t outta that motherf#ck*r!

Stop waiting for ‘someday’ brother –>

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