I’m sure you’ve heard the following advice:

“Girls want what they cannot have.”

“You have to play hard to get.”

And the advice is right, but…

…you must do it RIGHT.

Unfortunately, the majority of men get this absolutely wrong.
And simply seem uninterested, homosexual, or too shy to make a move.

Worse still, they totally disappear from her radar.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase:

“Did it make a sound if a tree fell in the forest and no one was around to hear it?”

That’s how I perceive most guys’ attempts to play hard to get.

You may do your hardest to get her attention, but if she doesn’t hear you or isn’t paying attention to you…

It’s all for naught.

This is the perfect strategy for playing hard to get…

And the ultimate way to make a girl fall in love with you.

BTW, this WORKS even if she wasn’t initially drawn to you.

Here’s what it is:

When you’re not there, she has to worry about YOU.

As you can see…

The more she thinks of you (for better or worse),…

The more she looks forward to seeing you.

It’s up to you to give her something to think about.

Things to think about and obsess about.

Things to hold YOU in her thoughts.

You want to emotionally connect with her.

Be amusing.

Tease her playfully.

But also with depth in your conversations.

Take note of and inquire about things that are important to her.

(However, there will be no interrogation.)

Also, of course…

You also can’t be “too” accessible, particularly early on.

Do these stuff, and she’ll be asking YOU if she should be your girlfriend in no time.