That’s how most guys have it.

Guys who are successful a$$-kickers in their biz or professional career….

…who just seem to endlessly struggle with women.

They so often want:

To just show confidence by being “more persistant” with women.

Chase them down more.

To spend more dough on chicks.

Try to save time or avoid rejection using online dating.

(Bad move!)


We’re the opposite.

We want:

No dough spent on women (at least not until waaaaayyy later when she’s earned it and doesn’t take if for granted)

Pave the path and “have the vibe” so women are attracted EVERYWHERE.

Flip the script so they are the persistent ones that chase us!

Meet women socially and everywhere you go to hack through the online BS (which especially doesn’t work well for older guys).

Blowing all the mainstream (and pickup) advice outta the water.

Turning all that garbage on it’s head!

But do it wrong?

You’re sitting on the sidelines with the rest of the mainstream-ers.

Or climbing like crabs in a barrel.

Competing with the persistent pursuers who might be confident ‘bad boys”…

…but who are still doing tons of work just to have her “let you in.”

No, we are the ones who choose to let THEM in.

Not the other way around!

I sure hope you aren’t putting the P*$$y on a pedestal.


Besides when you do that you can’t ever see straight for who she really is in her character!

You thought that’s how it was supposed to be done.

You traded it for little things like, let’s see…

…your self-esteem…

…your personal power…

…being in the TRUE lead…

…and having healthy control in your love life.

Yeah, all that.

Nothing big, really.

Not to mention the ease of having your pick of the pool of women you’re seeing.

When, what you should’ve done?

Is banished all the mainstream advice.

Thing is, it’s kind of scary.

To let go of pursuing.

To actually belief 100% in yourself whether or not “get the girl.”

You’ll be flipping things over, and all the work you used to do, women will do.

And you probably will constantly wonder:

“Is this gonna work?”

Plus, it goes against everything you’ve been taught and programmed by society.

“Men always have to approach women FIRST.”

“You HAVE TO get her number. Otherwise it’ll never happen.”

“You need to text her and lock down a time.”

“Getting lucky is how it works for a guy, women always are the choosers.”

“It’s a numbers game.”

“Do whatever it takes get her on a date, into bed, etc.”

“DON’T let her see you talking to other women.”

“And, no matter what, never let her know you’re seeing other women.”

“Or she’ll lose all interest.”

You’ve heard all that, right?

Like, that’s most every guy’s MO.

But what happens?

You end up:

Playing the number game.

Doing tons of chasing.

Having to convince her to go on a date or hookup with you.

Spending all kinds of time trying to figure out what’s the next “right move” to make.

Spinning your wheels wondering where she is and who she’s with.

Competing with all the other guys for her attention and time.

Especially if she’s hot!

But hey, at least you 2 numbers.

Or 5 responding online (even if they’re average looking and far from under your standards.)

Even if she’s erratic in her texts.

Or she flakes out for your date.

All of sudden “something came up and can’t make it.”

Not even counter offering.

Surprise, surprise.

She falls off the face of the planet.

And it happens over and over with the girls you are attracted to.

(Ones you aren’t attracted to don’t count!)


Yeah, you’re a real ladies man.

Doing all that work, player!

Thank God you have the confidence to chase them down.


Or if you don’t have the confidence and you’re shy…

…you’ll be thinking…

“it’d be great to even get her number in the first place!”

Let me assure you it is NOT.

Now imagine the opposite.

Showing up as the right guy i.e. best version of yourself

Having some low-key conversations.

Leading her to chase you.

In a way she’s never experienced before.

That most guys never ALLOW her to do.

She’s looking forward to your each and every message.

Fully aware you’re in the power position.

And she LOVES it.

Sure, some may not pursue you, but you just saved tons of time.

Many WILL chase you.

Your time ROI is HIGH..

Especially because you’re a successful guy who doesn’t have time to waste with women.

And for the next date or hang out?

She’s messaging YOU to ask when that will be.

No lying, no manipulating the truth or false promises EVER.

Therefore, deliverability remains high.

And then over the course of the next days, weeks and months…

You’re phone is so full of messages that you have a hard time responding.

Quality women in terms of looks of course…

…so you can pick the cream of the crop and see clearly who’s kind, giving, nurturing and a woman of character.

You’ve got women who are highly “qualified”.

For the position of being your girlfriend.

Or to have then in your honest harem of ladies.

Cuz you told ‘em, straight up:

“I’m not into relationships right now, just having fun.”

“If I find the right girl, then maybe but she’s really gotta be right.”

And these women?

They’re cool with it.

They know the deal.

And now you’re swarmed by women.

Who are vying for the position of your baby.

You’ve got it made.

You’re shooting easy “layups” in terms of results.

But most important?

Women adore you.

And it’s easy.

And there’s zero buyer’s remorse because they are “closing” you instead of you them.

And your confidence, certainty and ease.

Way up!

Just like your results.

And everyone lives happily ever after.

The end.

Now you might call that a fairy tale.

But I’ve got a different name for it.

I call that sh*t Tuesday.

So have my clients.

Who work their asses off to become the guy they need to be, that women want to pursue.

Who are high-achieving especially in their career or business.

They are extremely coach-able.

​​​​​​​And resourceful men, who’ll stop at nothing to get what they want.

Have no time to waste in doing what it takes.

With the proper guidance, of course.

And so can you, if it’s a fit to become one.

It’s not a fit for everyone.

We first have to see if or how I can help you.

If I can, I will!

If I can’t, I do my best to put you in the direction best for you.

If that sounds like you and you want to crush it in your love life then:

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