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What Guys Are Saying...

Michael W.

My confidence is at the highest level than I can ever recall. I go right up to any woman and say hi with a smile on my face without expectations.

A month ago I went out with 3 girls in the same week. Not knowing two of them are friends. And yea they talked and were both texting me for another get together like a competition. It is really cool to be a wanted man.

One of these girls has turned into a hot little romance and we are really getting to know each other we both love spending time together. I haven't had a woman like me and want to be with me like this in a really long time and it feels good. I needed the push you gave me to dig deep inside me and come out being the best version of me.

I am having fun and enjoying all that life has to offer. I would like to personally thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for me.

Michael W., 58 | Northern California
Joe B.

With your help David I was able to get over fear of being single…a friend who’s better looking than me and has more money than me is struggling, and I haven’t been this happy in 10 years

I just had one of the girls I have been seeing who’s really beautiful and guys are hitting on her all the time…I asked her “why are you so into me” and she said “it’s because most guys are so needy and you’re not.

Two of the girls I’m casually seeing, got into a friendly Facebook jealousy battle over me…over a year ago who would have thought I would have two quality women fighting over me! and I don’t have to lie and sneak around and pretend I’m not seeing other women openly and freely.

I have not been this happy in 10 years!

Joe B., 39 | Montana