Here is a list of creative ideas and financing options you can use to change your life with the Magnetic Attraction Breakthrough Program…

1. Checking account2. Savings accounts3. Credit cards4. Combining several credit or debit cards5. Emergency credit cards (you know, the one you’re saving for when you REALLY need something)6. Credit card offers7. New American Express (you can use instantly, and they normally even give you a cash back sign up bonus!)8. PayPal balance (there can be leftover money hiding there!)9. PayPal Credit: Application Link (also instant decision on approval) 10. Credit limit increase (call up your bank, you might be surprised at what they are willing to extend)

11. Retirement accounts or IRAs12. New credit cards (check out, where you can search for available credit cards based on your credit rating, Chase Slate is also good if your credit is imperfect)13. Personal loans: Zippyloan, Upgrade, Upstart, CashNetUSA, and CreditKarma14. Peer to peer lending – Sofi, Prosper, and Lending Club15. Business loans (for those who have or will have a small business) – ​Sprout Finanical, Kabbage, FastCapital360, Fundbox, LendingTree, Accion​16. Business grants (for those who have or will have a small business) – check out EfundingNow and USAFundingApplications17. Title loan on car18. Home equity loan19. Selling unused stuff on Craigslist or Ebay (the average American has over $30,000 (that’s right $30k!) of stuff they can sell that they don’t REALLY need)20. Call in debts from people who owe you21. A friend or family member who will invest in you (and it’s encouraged to pay them back with interest, most people are very happy if they can earn 10% annual interest on an investment)22. Crowdfunding (start a GoFundMe!)23. Rent out or Airbnb a room in your house24. Extra work to earn more money25. Cut expenses to save more money


What guys say that have enrolled in the program…

With your help David I was able to get over fear of being single…a friend who’s better looking than me and has more money than me is struggling, and I haven’t been this happy in 10 yearsI just had one of the girls I have been seeing who’s really beautiful and guys are hitting on her all the time…I asked her “why are you so into me” and she said “it’s because most guys are so needy and you’re not.Two of the girls I’m casually seeing, got into a friendly Facebook jealousy battle over me…over a year ago who would have thought I would have two quality women fighting over me! and I don’t have to lie and sneak around and pretend I’m not seeing other women openly and freely.I have not been this happy in 10 years!

Joe B | 39Montana

In the 3rd week I got more dates and action than I did in the last 4 years…the beginning of a whole new world for me! I wasn’t even having to do anything…I was just being me!I wasn’t doing any scripts, any lines…and women and people just found that attractive and just came over…and that was just the beginning! When it started to kick in, the coaching was amazing…having that coaching really made such a difference.

Nick L | 30Washington DC

Before I reached out to you, nothing was going on in my love life. I was isolating myself and I thought there was no one out there for me. At first I had doubts and fears if I could do it.But once I started working with you, everything changed for me. Within just a few weeks women started responding to me differently. They were popping out of the woodwork! I soon started seeing a couple different women.By the end of the program, I had a new relationship with my ideal woman who is a low maintenance girl with an amazing personality and a smoking hot body! She always tells me how “I’m different than the rest”. We’re truly a perfect match for each other.Your program helped to totally change my mindset and self-confidence as far as women are concerned and I even applied some of the same things in business and other personal relationships. I definitely recommend guys work with you and I can’t thank you enough David!

Randy G | 58Illinois

My confidence is at the highest level than I can ever recall. I go right up to any woman and say hi with a smile on my face without expectations.A month ago I went out with 3 girls in the same week. Not knowing two of them are friends. And yea they talked and were both texting me for another get together like a competition. It is really cool to be a wanted man.One of these girls has turned into a hot little romance and we are really getting to know each other we both love spending time together. I haven’t had a woman like me and want to be with me like this in a really long time and it feels good. I needed the push you gave me to dig deep inside me and come out being the best version of me.I am having fun and enjoying all that life has to offer. I would like to personally thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for me.

Michael W |  59 Northern California

The Core Confidence stuff we worked on together allowed me to step into the room very confidently and be attractive…not in the the thought process of trying to impress her, pick her up.

 I ended up dating a lot that summer…through this work, I met my current girlfriend and we’re coming on 3 years of being in a relationship together!

Joseph B | 38 Washington DC

When it comes to woman, I (now) have zero approach anxiety and I am absolutely loving it…I am having so much fun. Right now there are 3 women that I am seeing and several more that I could hit up if I felt inclined to….I wish I had this mindset and clear thought process back in my 20’s because it would have been a completely different ball game. But it’s all good and have a huge appreciation for where I am now and who I’ve become…It still shocks me seeing the difference between who I was and who I am now. The connection with my close friends has never been better. My interactions with new people I meet is super fun and hilarious because people are constantly reaching out wanting to get to know me. It honestly doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything in particular other than being my true self and I think that’s what people are recognizing.

Jeff P | 35Los Angeles

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