You know what really pisses me off?

Other than really good-hearted guys not having the confidence and attraction abilities to have what they want with women?

It’s when a guy is a high-achiever or successful in his career, but is so stuck and frustrated with his dating situation (and possibly social situation too) that he feels lonely, isolated and super frustrated.

I mean it makes no sense, here’s this good-hearted, smart guy who’s already successful, a package deal in so many ways….

…maybe he’s shy in general, or shy around women in particular…

…but he just can figure out WTF to do to breakthrough and attract the hot, beautiful and high-quality women into his life!

This guy has worked HARD and really excelled, and “should” have a great girl by his side.

And he’s sitting there watching guys with less success, and even less good looking, or in bad shape kill it with the ladies!

It’s all true and I’ve seen it time and again myself.

And this guy is also a big time TARGET for lots of women, because he has been successful and financially so.

That REALLY pisses me off too, because women will absolutely marry the provider guy, “dole out” sex as needed until they’re married, and then  BAM very little sex for the rest of the marriage…

…until he finds out she’s been cheating on him with some bad-boy broke loser, or maybe more than one of them!

It happens ALL the frickin’ time man!

Or perhaps it is another successful guy who knows what he’s doing with women (though even though he’s better than our original dude he’s still a target too!)

So what’s a guy to do in this situation?

(I’m RAGING right now, because I hear from and talk to guys like this each and every week! I’m fired up!)


…what you DON’T want to do is become the bad boy jerk, because he’s got problems you don’t wanna have outside of the woman department usually.

And of course who really wants to treat women poorly and toss them out, lie, manipulate them, etc?

I sure as hell don’t! And neither do the most successful guys I work with.

So what you have to do is become more of the ATTRACTOR instead of the provider by stealing the bad boy’s “edge” but not all the other stuff that comes with it

You’ve got to tease her.

Challenge her.

Give her sh#t (in a playful way of course).

Assert boundaries – don’t be agreeing and saying yes all the time!

You have to bring out that inner bad-ass that I know is inside of you, but that might also be stifled by working too much, focusing on your career (which is awesome BTW)…

…but then the rest of your life, especially your dating life suffers!

Like Nick, who reached out to me a few weeks back.

Nick is a kick-ass cyber-security expert and has been working HARD and passionately rising the ranks in his career for the past 10 years.

When he reached out to me he was in TROUBLE not only with dating but socially too.

Everything that got him success in his career, wasn’t helping him meet the kinds of women he wanted, or be able to handle himself in basic social situations.

But what I love about Nick is he’s a hardcore action-taker.

Now he’s going out, talking to women and even having women approach him in Starbucks’s within one week of getting my help.

WTF?!?! This chick literally walked up to him and said “hey I want to talk to you” and he did the right thing and said “wait one minute, I’m ordering first.”

Good man Nick!

And just yesterday they went on a date with her, the first of that kind in a LONG time.

Not only that he’s more social than ever and even his friends are noticing.

I can barely keep up with him, he’s just so hungry for success.

He’s even started his own meetup brunch group and has a bunch of chicks coming!

Nick is creative, resourceful and an action-taker.

Not only is he getting help with attracting women magnetically on higher and higher levels…

…but how to PROTECT himself from getting slaughtered like a lamb financially by falling into that ol’ classic provider role.

Like SO many successful guys do.

Makes my stomach turn man!

Nick is really COMMITTED to solving this and solving this he is.

So what about you?

Are you ready to have some major shifts in your confidence, with your attraction abilities both socially and dating-wise?

Are you ready for some MASSIVE results?

One thing I know about success is it’s possible to TRANSFER it over to another area.

With the right guidance and support of course mind-blowing results can occur at lightspeed!

So if that sounds like you, and you are similar to Nick (or like these two

Average Joe’s here) in that you’re a high-achiever and want to kick it into gear in your social and dating life like NEVER before…

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…and see if or how I can best help you out directly, if that’s a true fit.

Of course, you really have to be a fit in terms of taking action, and wanting success, and ready and willing to invest in expert help to ACCELERATE your results with women.

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Are you ready?


P.S. Life goes by so dang fast, I’m 42 now and more than ever the urgency of living EXACTLY how I want is pressing on me, so if you’re in your 30s and up, you ESPECIALLY know what I’m talking about…time’s-a-wastin’!

So you gotta ask yourself:

Are you gonna stay alone, or not getting the results you want with women for the rest of your life, or just “slog through it” until life’s gone by, working your head off and not enjoying the company of women?

It’s up to you brother, you make “the call”.

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