Here’s some of the best advice I ever got:

“In order to quick shift your reality and get fast success you have to be a BIT DELUSIONAL.”

When Steve Jobs was at his heydey at Apple, there was something called Steve’s Reality Distortion Field.

He was NOTORIOUS for making impossible demands and project deadlines.

People would whine, complain and throw fits at what seemed impossible to achieve.

But Steve didn’t care.

He continued to believe it would happen and that they could do it.

And you know what? Sometimes it didn’t work.


Most of the time IT DID!

That’s right. Steve’s delusional reality distortion field held a vision so high, that it sucked people into performing in ways they thought were impossible.

That’s how things like the iPhone and iPad were created.

Ever hear of those things?

In their realities, it just couldn’t be done.

Steve’s reality was stronger.

If you want to make fast results in self-confidence and dating success you can do the same.

It is absolutely possible.

But you have to approach it as if the REAL YOU is Steve Jobs and that your victimy ego spewing out negative thoughts is like the Apple workers.

You can’t get mad at the workers, but you steadily and without wavering hold the vision for exactly how you want to be, who you want to meet and bring into your life.

It’s simple – but not easy if you haven’t practiced it.

But it might be easier than you think, but you first have to understand how mindstate and magnetic vibe works and then it’s a piece of cake, and how thought creates reality for each of us.

You also need a CLEAR vision and a system that gives you the right path to get there.

If you don’t you know what your biggest roadblocks are (you might have even some hidden ones)…

…then you stay stuck for YEARS on end.

When in reality, success might be just around the corner and you don’t even know it, because you’re blind as to what’s wrong with your confidence & game.

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