The more you put yourself out there…

…the more women you attract.

Assuming you’re being the right guy.

That you’re in front of the types of women you want.



But what I see, when I look around, is this:

Most guys aren’t putting themselves out there in the right way.

Instead, they’re:

Tinkering with Tinder.

Staring at women like sharks on the hunt.

Begging for dates.

Avoiding getting out of the house.

Binging on Netflix or Prime Video.

Kissing women’s asses, playing nice guy.

Buying ’em drinks.

Going for the number.

Trying to isolate her from her friends and close the deal.

Only going on traditional dates i.e. going out to dinner (drinks even).

Doing “daygame” or “nightgame”.

Hitting on as many women as possible.

Getting into a relationship with the first women that comes along that’s semi-attractive.

Please, somebody fill my pool up with Tito’s vodka, tie cinder blocks to my ankles, and shove me in.

Cuz I just… I can’t.


All these hunting and pursuing ways!

It’s too much work.

Too competitive.

Too difficult.

Without Brad Pitt’s good looks or Justin Bieber’s six pack abs?

You’re screwed.

You work long and hard, day after day, week after week.

You don’t need to be working hard to attract women.

Or competing with other guys in the same race.

Trying to be noble; and ‘win’ her affections.


Congrats, you’re a monkey boy dancing around.

And you get treated like one too.

Thrown scraps of bananas of women.

Aka settling for lesser quality chicks.

Or have them taken away after you thought you had ’em

Aka getting flaked on.

“Okay, smartypants, so what do you suggest?”

A short, straight line like this:

Magnetic Vibe —> Chicks Chase.

Stop oogling her.

Stop chasing her.

Stop hitting on her at all.

Stop even freaking wanting her.

We’re building a LIFESTYLE where women chase you.

Not trying to be some man who does all this work to “get the kill”.

Just so you can say you’re the man to your other bros?

With all this time wasted that could have been used for other pursuits?

Like continuing to crush it in your business or career?

Like quality time with your kids?

Like living your life purpose?

Or doing whatever the f#$k it is that you want?


Be the sexy/magnetic guy.

As often as you can.

Yes you must approach and interact.

But stop all that pursuing garbage ….now!

Give her a freakin’ chance to come after you!

She will!

The hotter she is the better it works!


Because all the other doofuses are competing and chasing.

You don’t want to put yourself into that pool.

Jump into this one.

It compels much more of her active participation.

In fact, you’ve got one job:

Get outta the way.

Instead try this.