We all have our bad habits.

All of us.

There is a HUGE mistake I used to make all the time.

What to know what it is?

Looking back, if I knew then what I know now, this makes you come across as needy, desperate and/or creepy.

So what is it?

When you first meet that hot chick you might be REALLY scared or nervous.

Your thoughts are probably racing and want to get her, and also protect yourself from rejection.

You might be worried she’s out of your league, and she’s so hot, and special and yadda yadda blah…

…but there’s this one thing to do you best to NEVER do again.

Don’t act like a squirrel!

Stop any and all what I call “squirreling” behavior!

What the hell do I mean by that you might be thinking?

What I mean is any all behaviors that come across as fast, nervous, desperate, and jerky, rapid, etc…

…just like a squirrel.

And the WORST time is actually well before you even meet her but as soon as you see her walk in the room….

…are you keeping your cool, knowing you’re a badass or are you putting her out of your league and squirreling around?

Man I’ve done SO MUCH of that in the past.

Once in a while, I still do that but it’s very rare.

And most guys do this without even knowing it.

So stop it bro, now!

You’re killing your vibe, and self-sabotaging with this kind of behavior.

Also this includes looking away rapidly, avoid eye contact, etc.

Talking to fast, stumbling on words all of which she can feel and is used to especially if she’s really attractive.

She INSTANTLY puts you in that box of un-confident, un-sure of his value kind of guy.

Not only that, have you EVER actually felt good within yourself when you do this?

I always felt horrible, and I’ll bet it feels the same for you too.

Which, when we feel bad/needy/OMG-shes-so-hot, it comes out in our VIBE and is unattractive to women.

So what do you do instead?

Well you can avoid being like this, by slowing everything down to a cool-hand-Luke-like pace.



Slow, warm & sexy eye contact no looking away quickly.

Which ultimately comes from being present, and enjoying the moment with a slowed down mind (aka not overthinking anything, just being your sexiest self you can be).

You must KNOW YOUR VALUE as the unique man you are that knows his strengths and OWNS his weaknesses.

That believes in himself no matter what he’s up against.

Believe me, your attractiveness is leagues above most guys by NOT squirreling, and keeping things cool, natural and in the flow.

Wide-eyed and bushy tailed is NOT how we want to be around hot women…

…it should be normal, enjoyed but not some big deal!

Look, I’m not judging if you do come across that way, because I understand more than anyone what it feels like to be there, where you might be right now.

Of course there are other nuances and things you can do to make her notice you, be more attractive and build a solid connection even before you open your mouth, actually…

…but this is the most violated one I can think of for most guys.

And that’s why having the right methodology, especially one that works specifically for more introverted types is so POWERFUL.

Because this journey for me is ultimately NOT about women per say…

…but instead BECOMING the attractive & confident man that attracts the women he wants, in a way that integrates with his life.

Otherwise you’re a needy-chaser-man and that’s just NO WAY TO LIVE.

So, if you find yourself squirreling or having other difficulties in the dating & mating game, then here’s something we can do for you…

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Deep down you deserve the best, and have the potential within you.

I know it, because I’ve done it myself and helped many others do the same.

Now we just must get YOU to see that.

Are you ready to move forward?

Let’s scare the shy squirrel right out of you, and bring out the bold, attractive beast I know is in there…

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