Have you ever suddenly stopped in the middle of whatever you were doing and thought…

“What if I’ve already met my Perfect Woman and I’ve missed my chance…?”

Or what about:

“What if my most attractive days are GONE and I might as well give up in my love life?

A pretty scary thought, isn’t it?

The truth is, you might be right.

It’s more common than you think.

That’s because as a high achieving, successful, superstar always thinking “I can do anything…” type, you are especially susceptible to making that specific mistake!

You miss chances to allow women to be attracted to you because you either don’t have your confidence handled…

…and/or constantly pursue, hit on or chase women….

…and definitely don’t have the magnetically sexy vibe I always talk about which comes from totally sexy self-belief.

Or what about if she’ just after you for free drinks, expensive dinners, your house, car or your success in general?

If she can be trusted at all to like you for you, or is she just trying to suck your resources dry…instead of something else more important? (wink, wink)

Or, maybe things start of great with a woman, but then always go south because you get needy and constantly wonder if she’s see other guys and before you know it…

…she’s texting you that she’s “met someone and going to try and make it work.”

OR how about you just get all the chicks that you aren’t really attracted to chasing you, but the ones you really like never seem to like you back other than as a friend…

…or you’re just too scared to approach or ask them out even though you crush it in your career or business as a high-achieving superstar?

The truth is, it’s happening to you every day and you are missing opportunities with amazing women, even though whether you are or aren’t aware of it.

That’s because the way you operate in the rest of your life is NOT how you are showing up in your dating and love life….

…and your situation won’t just fix itself by “hoping she’ll coming along someday” or “see you for the real you” or by working harder for more success.

Because if the RIGHT woman did come along, trust me, you probably would sabotage it, because the current version of you in your love life is NOT your best version, your optimal version…

…it’s NOT like the version you’ve worked so hard to become to have the success you’ve had at work.

And that, quite honestly, scares the s#!t out of you.

I see this happen ALL the time with client who end up attracting the EXACT kinds of women they want, and having them chase them to boot!

They say “WTF, I wish I knew you existed years ago! if I didn’t have this help I wouldn’t have been able to attract the women I want and get the awesome results I’m getting!”

That is the zone you want to be in where the true magic happens.

Yes, there is HOPE my brother!

Just like with Michael, a 58 year old successful small business owner, who ready to throw the towel in with his love life.

He recently shot me yet ANOTHER email saying:

“I am enjoying this woman so much. We have a ton of fun together. For now I only have the desire to get to know her better and see where it goes.

Meeting the right girl and being the right guy makes all the difference and has changed me.

So, I can call it a relationship that we are in. And am enjoying all of it.

She says that I am “The Man”. Feels good to show up as the man.”

The bottom line is this:

Opportunities will come and you literally won’t be able to handle them unless you start doing something about it, beyond reading blogs, watching YouTube videos or listening to podcasts and gathering more “information.”

Because, let’s be honest, information doesn’t produce TANGIBLE results (like a having REAL confidence around hot women, having women not only be attracted but also chase you down).

You’re already smart, and so if it was a matter purely of information and intelligence you would have solved this problem ages ago.

In fact, it’s worse than that.

You WILL literally MISS out on opportunities that cross your path every single day because you are so in your head, convinced that it’s the fact that either you’ve “missed the window” due to your age, that “all the good women are taken” or “there are no good women out there”…

…even though you probably really are an awesome catch.

There is so freaking much at stake here,

This is your LIFE we are talking about here man!

So what that you are happy and content with everything else?

That your life is amazing and that you look incredible for your age.

I mean, let’s be honest.

Are you the type of person who says to himself, “I’m pretty good at X. That’s good enough.”


Of course you’re not.

You freakin’ want it ALL, right?

What is the price to pay if you don’t get over your sh*t?

I mean, REALLY, over it.

If you don’t have the right confidence?

The right skillsets?

The right, sexy VIBE?

How many botched text messages, emails or phone conversations are literally the ONE wrong move that changed the trajectory of what COULD have been?

And you know that this problem is just going to get worse, don’t you?

Because it certainly isn’t getting any better.

I know this sounds harsh but I’m here to show you the TRUTH and not pussyfoot around.

How many more years and opportunities?

How many more holiday parties and New Year’s eves are going to slip by until you finally say “F$&k this, I’ve had it. Enough already!!!”?

The incredible RESULTS that the men I work with get to experience, happen when they are finally willing to see that ONE wrong move that set the precedent that adds up to MANY wrong moves, that ends up to being ALONE and worst of all, lonely.

Lonely during Valentine’s Day. (coming soon BTW!)

Lonely during Halloween.

Lonely during Thanksgiving.

Lonely during Christmas, Hanukah …Kwanza….all of it.

And maybe worst of all, one more lonely New Year’s Eve.

Vowing that next year, will be different.

The truth is YOU can experience the same kinds of results as my clients do once you take responsibility for solving the real problem.

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Talk soon brother.