Do you ever feel like you’re an imposter as a man, because you haven’t sorted things out with women?

What I mean by that, is that even though your business or career is dialed-in, you’re healthy, finances are solid, you’ve got some solid friendships and family relationships too…

But since your love life isn’t going so well, that you feel incomplete as a man?

Like that final slice in the pie of life is missing for you?

Let’s see how you are doing right now if your dating & love life. Let me ask you:

– How many women you that you find attractive have you gotten together with this week?

– How many new hot women have you met or approached in the last month or two?

– If you are dating women currently, are you pursuing women and trying to get them on dates (and to continue seeing you)…or are you the one being chased?

– Are you experiencing true freedom in your dating life, or are you hoping it will get better without making any changes?

– Are you getting treated in the way you deserve to be treated by women, or a woman…or are being undervalued by them, perhaps even used for dinners and to get stuff paid for?

And perhaps most importantly of all:

Are you on track to create the love life whether casual dating or the right relationship that you want..

…OR settling for less that you deserve?

If you’re not happy with your answers to any of those questions, there is STILL TIME, we are still reasonably early in 2019 (though Valentine’s Day is coming up in just a couple of weeks.)

If you want to solve this, you MUST be willing to change your approach.

Here at Core Of Confidence, the strategy I use is dead-simple:

Meeting Women Socially —> Flip The Script on Her —> Invite Her Into Your World —> New (and lots) of Woman Chasing You!

(And YOU get to make the call when and where she meets up with you, period.)

From there you get to select from the “cream of the crop” who gets to be your special lady, when you are ready.

That’s it.

No online dating BS.

No trying to convince her to go on a date, sleep with you, be your girlfriend, etc.

No funky or creepy pickup lines. No being pushy or aggressive with her in any way.

Just a steady flow of the type of women you desire trying to become your woman, day-after-day, month-after-month.

Women you’re thrilled to hang out with, with minimal effort on your part.

Ladies who understand your value and see you as the Rolls Royce of men.

Women who’ll happily pursue you instead of playing hard to get, being flaky, ghosting or demanding you pay for stuff.

Then thank you for getting together with them…and then want to do it all again!

How fast would you be living in your dream of a love life…if that were your new reality?

See, when I said you still have time, I wasn’t blowing smoke.

You do.

BUT…you must be willing to change your approach.

A strategy like the one I just laid out for you doesn’t take long to get going.

It’s not necessarily easy (at first) because it’s counter-intuitive to what we learned growing up about the dynamics between men and women…and who should chase who.

But I’d virtually guarantee it’s probably 10x more effective than what you’re doing now.

Does it work? HELL YES.

So far this year, I’ve helped many clients – men who are already successful in their career or business but struggling with their dating & love life – to implement my approach and do it lightening FAST.

The bottom line:

This is THE most powerful women-attraction system out there because it puts the power in your hands as the man who’s chased and sought-after.

And it’s not too late to put it to work for you.

Book a call and let me help you.

Here’s how that works:

We’ll jump on the phone for about an hour or so.

You can tell me everything you’re challenged with, and what you really want to achieve in your love life.

And I’ll personally help you craft the perfect strategy to get there FAST.

You don’t have to abandon the love life of your dreams.

If you’re willing to try a new approach, endless possibilities are open to you in these next 3 months. It can still happen for you brother!

But if you’re not willing to make a change and get the help you need…

Then I guarantee you’ll stay stuck.

And I don’t want to see that happen for you with another year gone by.

Fill in this form and book in your time, so I can help you out.

If you look at the guys who I’ve personally helped, their entire life changes.

All of these guys who became “lover-men” came to me lost, confused, and hopelessly stuck.

Some of them are still enjoying the single life dating various women.

Several of them have relationships with their perfect lady now, too.

I introduced them to just how simple attracting the women they want can be, and get those very same women chasing and adoring them, and they’ve never looked back.

Isn’t it time to see how this can work for you?

Book a call and let’s find out.

Talk soon,


P.S. I know you’ve been let down in the past not only in your relationships, but with advice from friends, family or even other dating experts. I’ve been let down too.

No one understands more the endless drudging of dating and chasing women. No one else is going to give you more support in helping you to get the women you truly desire chasing after you.

Book your call here and let me show you how.