How in the heck do you beat the competition?

When it comes to attracting beautiful women you actually desire?

You know, with all the other guys competing for the sexy hotties.

How can you even stand out?

Let alone get women to chase you?

Probably seems IMPOSSIBLE right now.

Believe me, I know very well how tons of successful men struggle with women.

Whether it’s dealing with MAJOR confidence problems like fear of rejection, not knowing what to do or say, being too “nice” in interactions with hot women.

Or simply not attracting the kinds of women they truly want.

Even things starting off on the right foot, but then these chicks suddenly get all flaky and “ghost” on you.

Each week, I hear the same stuff over and over every week from successful executives, entrepreneurs and other highly successful types.

Bottom line?

It comes down to this:

The women you find hot or beautiful just simply AREN’T interested in you.

The ones you don’t like or aren’t attracted to, always seem to like you!

All of this is super-frustrating, right?

Look, I get it.

When you feel like you’ve “fallen and you can’t get up” or like dating is Groundhog Day Part 2 and you’re Bill Murray, it’s easy to look around at all the other guys who are successful with women and think:

“It’s got to be his looks that got her!”

“He probably pays for everything for her, she’s “bought”.

“He must be one of those bad-boy jerks that treats women like total crap, and they just somehow love that.”

“It must be my age! I’m 34 / 42 / 55 now and it’s too late. If I were only younger!”

“I just don’t have the confidence like that guy. It’s just the way I AM and I can’t change.”

I can tell you straight up, that all these reasons don’t really matter…

…or simply ARE NOT TRUE!

(Insert your reason here)

When you believe any or all of the above, it’s easy to think to yourself:

“How can I possibly compete with these guys?!? There’s no way!”

So if any of this sounds like you, then here’s what you need to know ASAP.

It’s FAR easier to make your competition IRRELEVANT than it is to eliminate them or compete with them.

Simply because:

[+] You don’t need to be super good looking.

[+] You don’t need to “buy her off”

[+] You don’t need to be a bad boy jerk.

[+] You don’t need to chase her down.

[+] You don’t need to be the most confident guy in the world.

You actually don’t even need to compete with all the other guys…

…especially those guys above who seem to be getting all the women!

Because pretty much all of those guys have to do a lot of “work” to get those women, which still sucks.

It sounds strange, but it’s true.

Here’s what you need to be doing based on the 5 Attraction Accelerators from my masterclass:

  1. Stop using online dating as your primary approach (or drop it altogether), and start meeting more women in-person and socially.
  2. Remove the pedestal you and all the other guys are putting her on
  3. Develop and cultivate what I term the ‘secret weapon’ of a Sexually Magnetic Vibe
  4. Stop chasing, and let her chase you.

(In fact, flip the entire relationship guy chases girl dynamic on her. It’s shocking how well this works.)

  1. Actually get some help with this stuff, from an expert who’s been there and done that.

If you want to really solve your dating and love life challenges for good, and achieve phenomenal results with women…

…whether you want to date several women for some hot ‘n’ casual times while being authentic and open about everything…

…or date an eligible pool of women who are cool on the inside and beautiful on the outside…

…then book a call and let’s talk.

I’ll help you uncover what’s really working, what’s NOT working and we will map out a rock-solid game plan so you can fix this once and for all.

I believe 100% that you deserve to have the best in life, especially when it comes to the love & relationships game.

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Talk soon.


P.S. A lot of successful guys want to wait until later to deal with dating challenges and blame it on things like not having enough time, or simply thinking that things can’t ever change.

I speak to 5-10 guys every week and I hear the same things over and over, and I can tell you right now that all these “reasons” are just symptoms of the root problem, which is what needs to be truly uncovered and fixed.

Just like these guys got help with their challenges.

P.P.S This truly is a matter of PRIORITY and until you commit to really changing and fixing this, it simply won’t fix itself on it’s own.

So if want to get to the root of your love life challenges and truly want to accelerate the process of attracting the EXACT kinds of women you want while making thecompetition irrelevant…then don’t wait on booking a time to talk.

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