A classic post from my Social Expression video blog on how to avoid the friend zone. Check it out…

If you have ever been put in the “friend zone” where a woman you are attracted to, just doesn’t feel sexually attracted to you in any way, but only can like you as a friend – then today’s video is perfect for you.

It is especially for those who have consistently been put in the friend zone over and over – trust me I know how painful that can be.

I talk about the #1 THING you must do as a man, to avoid being put in the friend zone over and over again.

Watch the short video now:

How to Avoid the Friend Zone

If you struggle a lot with this, or have had a hard time with it in any ways, I want to hear from you.

Leave a comment below the video as to what you think, and I will respond to everyone that does.

You don’t have to get put in the friend zone any longer, and the advice in the video might help you in avoiding that.