One of the most frustrating things that can happen when you’re a successful guy who isn’t getting what he wants in his love life is this: 

Not being able to attract the QUALITY of woman you want, both inside and out. And quite frankly, for most men it starts with the “out”. 

Because there first needs to be a certainly physical/sexual attraction, am I right?

And not being able to attract the beautiful ladies creates a “doom loop” in your mind…and their for your dating & relationships.

Maybe you start to “hustle” more…

Talk to more women . 

You hit on them more. 

You try to play the numbers game. 

You wine and dine ’em more. 

Or you shoot out dozens of more messages on Tinder or Match. 

Or maybe because you’ve been avoiding dating at all, you shut down even more and just work harder in business…which definitely doesn’t solve a thing. 

I know how frustrating it is cause I used to live all that too.

I’d try EVERYTHING to attract more women in the hopes that SOMETHING would stick and just work!

But it seemed like the more “things” I tried – the more BROKEN things became!

I would shoot out dozens of messages online to seemingly hot (sometimes younger) women just HOPING she’d get back to me. 

Often thinking once I sent out that message: “THIS COULD BE IT! MAYBE SHE’S THE ONE”

Then I would spend WEEKS and weeks doing this only to get minimal responses from any attractive women, and having to settle with subpar women to go on dates with. 

Or I’d go out with friends pretty much avoid speaking to any hot women. If I did muster up the courage to speak to women, they were usually only “cute” because i was so afraid I’d be seen as creepy, or worried about getting rejected.  

So I get it! I could go on and on here.

It seems like the more you want something to work – the more COMPLEX we tend to make getting that thing.

I talk to successful businessmen and hi-end professionals all the time who tell me all the reasons why they think their love life isn’t working.

Many of these guys are busy so they’re tired of doing what’s NOT working, and want a more easy and efficient way to do things that fits their lifestyle…. 

AND actually gets them results.

Just more chasing and hitting on women… 

Just more online dating… 

Or more hoping that friends will set you up and she’ll just be into you. 

Or how about waiting for her to just show up, magically one day..without doing anything differently than you have?

OR…Just burying their head in work instead of putting themselves out there more.

Guess what that gets you?

Even MORE of the same lack of results…

It’s not worth it.

Some have even tried a bunch of dating or pickup info products but those didn’t work for them either.


IF what you are doing ISN’T working when it comes to meeting, attracting and dating the women you want (and keeping them around)…  

Then doing MORE of it is going to make it WORSE, brother!

If you simply close this email and go back to the “hustle” of your regular life you willattract MORE of what you are already getting.

I swear to you, it’s like a magnetic law in the universe.

In fact, you’ll most likely trigger this universal law that is already working against you and start getting LESS interest from women, which will force you to try HARDER, or lead to something even worse like GIVING UP.


So here’s my question: Do you want to fix this?

The good news is there is a very simple system that is working right now for attracting beautiful women like clockwork anywhere you show up, and have them chasing you, adoring you, wanting you so BADLY… 

That they’ll want to drag you to the bedroom or become your girlfriend. 

It’s the “Attraction On Command” formula.

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Until I’m in touch again, Happy Holidays!


P.S. Wasn’t long ago that my client Cello was NOT dating any women at all, let alone the kinds of women he wanted…and even at work women wouldn’t treat him with respect, which was even more demeaning to his confidence.

We mapped out a solid plan, implemented it together and now he’s got rock-star confidence, has that sexually magnetic vibe, and now he’s sleeping with hot women with ease (who chase him of course, and he’s enjoying the life for a while). He knows he has what it takes, because he gets off-the-charts results now. 

Women are even trying to pick him up off the street, and become his girlfriend too…

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