How often have you seen a women you wanted to approach….

…but just not sure what to say and do in order to meet her?

Maybe you were getting your favorite latte at the Coldbrew Coffee Haus…

…or at Whole Foods shopping for overpriced produce…

or out at Sam’s local bar with a buddy…

…or even on the subway or bus…

…and there she WAS….

…looking so beautiful, so fine…

…but you just COULDN’T work up the courage to go over and just say something, anything to her?

Because you were too shy, too afraid and drowning in thoughts like:

…”she’s so hot! She’s WAAAY outta my league.”

…”there’s no way she’ll give me the time of day.”

…”she’s probably a b*tch anyways it won’t be worth it.”

…”she probably has a boyfriend.”

…”she wouldn’t like me anyway I’m not attractive enough…”

…on and on these thoughts (ahem, excuses) go.

She might have even given you eye contact and smiled…

…but you just couldn’t do it for the LIFE OF YOU.

I know this all too well.

I have done that MANY-A-TIME, even when she’s throwing me signals.

Not proud of it, but it’s so true.

You can feel like a paralyzed, shy little boy even though you’re a grown man, right?!?!

It makes no sense, and you kick yourself.

Honestly I can’t think of a guy who hasn’t done this, except a select few I’ve ever heard say this freezing out doesn’t happen anymore (but even they used to plenty of the time.)

And look it’s not even about being perfect with this…

…but to at least be able to do it when it MATTERS to you.

So I say…

I’s time to starting really CHANGING this so you can reduce your excuses (not saying it’s your fault)…

….and get over this fear?

So I’m going to teach you to overcome the most common excuse in approaching her so you can overcome these Massive Blocks you experience…

…and f**king get over them!

Ready? Good.

First of all let’s get this straight.

No cheesy or even “cool” pickup line is EVER required to meet a women.


Don’t believe the hype or that there’s the right thing to say, or proper way to always deliver some line.

There’s MUCH more to it than that.

Can knowing some catchy, clever responses and questions help you out?

Yeah, sure they can but it’s not the same as developing the skills of curiosity, listening and expressing more openly about yourself.

I’m not talking about being some overly-vulnerable wuss either.

Being able to approach that bodacious beauty in the coffee shop is ALWAYS built on being COMFORTABLE with yourself, your sexuality…

…and your desire to be with women you find attractive without shame.

Simple, but not necessarily easy right?

And therein lies the problems (I know it sucks eh!?!?)


…the reason (ahem…excuse) of “I don’t know what to say” will NEVER hold weight for you again.

Let’s clear this up RIGHT NOW.

There are 3 main ways to start a conversation with a “Hotty McBody” that I’m going to teach you…

….Core of Confidence Style!

No trickery, no gimmicks.

We start with:

#1 The “Situational Starter”

This is where you find something in the environment.

It’s indirect, it’s unassuming and very easy to do actually.

It’s also what women do when they want to talk to a guy.

You observe what she is doing, or what is in the environment, and either make a statement or ask a question.

Like if you are standing in front of the beans or you saddle up next to her, and she’s looking at the beans you say.

“There’s so many beans to choose from it can drive you crazy, right?”

What you were expecting some fancy freakin’ magical line?

Ok, magic beans are cool, but not magic lines that don’t exist.

No, not here, we don’t do that sh*t brother!

Because you don’t need it.

The key is to stay relaxed, say it with confidence and a good vibe.

That’s WAY more important than what you say.

We do simple, easy and effective here.

So if she’s responsive you continue the conversation, flirt and do your thang playa!

If not you, just move on.

Just don’t beat yourself up bro!

It’s not worth it and you don’t know her.

Rarely, will you get a super-negative reaction, you’ll usually get a friendly one or slightly standoff-ish one.

Next up, we have…

#2 The “Socially Direct” Greeting

This works just as well with women as well people in general.

There’s no situational context.

You just start with walking up and saying like a smooth pimp daddy (aka normal human being):

“Hey, how’s your day going?”

Or even…

“Hey, how’s the shopping going today?”

(a bit of a combo of the Situational but I’d still consider it Socially Direct.)

Making sure to crack a slight smile, not some big sh*t-eatin’ grin…

…that’s creepy and/or try hard.

(A slight smile is sexier for guys, proven scientifically.)

OR if you are out at a bar, just toll up and say

“Hey how’s your night going?”

Really simple, really normal.

VERY easy.

It just works!

It’s what I recommend the most for night time, actually.

ESPECIALLY if you are getting ‘zee ‘ol eye contact or sexy signals.

It also works well with groups, and you can also add in a “Cheers” to everyone.

I must say again…

If you’re all weird and nervous with your vibe, NONE of these will work well…or at all.

This is where your VIBE is key, and much more important to work with, and happens over time with right practice.

And finally we have:

#3 The “Direct Interest” Approach

This I haven’t done in a while, and did more of This when I was into pickup.

I *might* still do this, though probably not because it’s kind of try hard in my opinion and far less skillful and not as effective on several social/sexual levels.

I’m not a big “awkward cold approach” guy anymore, because it’s not necessary if you have other social angles covered.

It IS ballsy though, and it can be effective (with lots of reps) so I’m covering this for you.

She also needs to find you fairly attractive from the get go, because you are declaring that you are attracted to her in some way up front.

To do-da-direct style…you go up to her with your massive cajones hanging out and say:

“Hey, I noticed you over here as I was about to leave, and I thought you were cute (or “have great style” even better)…

…and I wanted to say hi.” (SMILE!)

It will go either one of two ways very quickly, she’ll be into it or not.

She’ll be into YOU or not.

Then you go into the conversation, getting to know her, teasing her a bit, and establishing a connection the best you can.

It’s also tougher because there’s usually no eye contact or anything before, which is a disadvantage on our end.

If she was giving you eye contact, this would generally be over the top, and too try hard…

…so I’m a firm believer that indirect is much better (#1 and #2 above are indirect approaches.)

There are of course variations to all of these, but these are IT dude…


All those videos of what to say, what pickup lines to use, feel free to use ’em…but just no you don’t need ’em!

Believe me I’ve tried it all, and I’ve done some stuff that’s frankly embarrassing and awkward as HELL dude…

(I’ll share in another email on what NOT to do, I’ve done plenty of that, TOO.)

Are there variations and nuances, well of course there are my wondrous woman lovin’ bruddas.

There is an ART to all of this, just like anything worthwhile learning in life.

So now that I’ve given you “what to say” that WILL work in any situation to approach and initiate a conversation with a babe of your liking.

And you know what the real “B” is here…

…it’s that the MAIN BLOCK we face as guys isn’t really what to say.

Obsession with having the perfect line or constantly coming back to the so-called problem of “I need to know what to say” over and over…

…is really your avoidance of FEAR.

Fear you’ll stumble your words.

Fear that you’ll look like an idiot.

Fear that she or others around that Might hear will judge you.

Fear of failure.

Fear of REJECTION by her.

Even fear of success as in you might even think consciously or subconsciously…

“What will happen if she says ‘yes’ to my invite for a coffee or drink?

What the hell am I gonna do then?”

That is the BIGGEST stumbling block, when you really take a look…

…I mean isn’t it if you are being totally honest with yourself?

Well, there’s good news.

I’ve got a new program that helps you directly OVERCOME your fears with women, become the most confident & attractive version of you…

… with a magnetism that draws in the types of ladies you want!

Which is my FAVORITE topic of attraction actually, I mean who doesn’t want to be magnetic?

Only crazies that’s who. 🙂

Plus there will be all kinds of direct coaching that is customized specially to your situation, along with badass “core confidence” & attraction training…

… PLUS a whole lot more on EVERY level of being better with the hot chicks you want.

And it DOES NOT matter what your experience level is or how confident or attractive you feel you are.


…what’s your GAME PLAN here, brother?

Because if you aren’t getting the results with women you want on ANY level and nothing is changing, then maybe it’s time to get some assistance.

You can do that directly with my help on a complementary triage call.

All you have to do is fill out some info about your situation then if it’s a fit you’ll be able to book a Breakthrough Call on my calendar…

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And you heard that right that there’s no-cost to you but it’s only for guys who are really to committed to overcoming their challenges…

…and being as successful with women as they want to be, just like you are in the other areas of your life.

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