Happy New Year brother.

Quick note for you here this evening.

Now that 2019 is here, in full effect, I don’t think any time should be wasted in getting achieving what you want.

Especially in your love life, PERIOD.

So it’s important that you know there’s one thing that can kill your love life as we’ve just stepped into the new year.

I bet it’s not what you think it is.

It’s NOT about picking the right or wrong place to meet women, having ultimate confidence, or even improperly relating to women (which you’re probably struggling with some or all of those).

The real destroyer in your love life is this:

Up-leveling other areas of your life, and simply letting your focus slide away so that things stay stagnant or get worse in dating & relationships…

Even though you have been working to up-level everything else.

I see this all the time..

Already successful guys in other areas of life will improve their health, finances, career/business, or friendships, but DECLINE their activity and interest in love.

When this happens, the loneliness soon erodes all of those other gains.

Look, this form of self-sabotage has even happened to me.

And it’s SO TRICKY you might not even notice.

It took me a while to figure out, to decode it if you will.

Every time I make big change in one part of my life, if I’m not careful, I’ll let another part of my life slide.

My business improves, my health declines. My travel and adventure improves, my focus declines.


I just like and many of you reading this, are afraid of taking up more space, going after our dreams, getting what we want.

So we up-level in one area only to down-level in another, in order to play it safe and we stay stuck in our comfort zone.

It’s FRUSTRATING as f**K, right?

So how do you change that?

It’s actually quite simple.

You take calculated risks. DOUBLE DOWN on yourself.

When you’re taking big leaps and doubling-down on YOU, you cannot stay small.

Especially when you have a mentor who is holding you accountable and watching out for you.

I have clients who through my program not only created massive success in attracting women, gaining rockstar confidence, or found an awesome relationship/ love but also made more money in their business, got new higher-paying jobs, got in better shape and created new social circles and friends too.

They up-leveled in EVERY AREA.

Now these guys are far from the typical guy out there.

That were already “high-achiever” types like I am, that want it all in life…so they were already crushing it on the business side, and other areas of life going well too…

And as or more important they were fully committed to making it happen, no matter what.

You see, there is no magic pill.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

If there is a magic pill, it’s you. 

That means the potential is within you to bring out the magic, but you have to work at it substantially, and not be afraid to fail…because it’s the only way to succeed.

You have to be willing to let go, what isn’t working, and get to work implementing what DOES work.

You have to stop chasing women, and work on your vibe.

You have to stop being a targeting hunter, and choose to be a king that builds a lifestyle that integrates women into it.

You must focus on meeting women more socially naturally via become a better version of yourself, and drop the dating app focus.

But you must make the choice to commit to getting unstuck, and going full out for what you REALLY want.

You have to PLAY TO WIN, instead of NOT TO LOSE. 

Big difference there.

Most guys are playing not to lose in their love lives, maintaining status quo.

You have to go all in, double down instead of hedging your bets like most guys do.

If you wanna become the guy women truly chase and adore that is.

What you gonna choose for 2019?

As always, the choice is yours.


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