I have a question for you:

Are you a career or business savvy, successful guy who WANTS to date hot & high quality women…

…but you feel like you just DON’T HAVE THE TIME to do it?

Not only that, but the time required to figure out what you’re doing WRONG to not attract the women you TRULY WANT or even repel them…

…but you’re having a hard time fitting it into your schedule?

Man, I so hear you on that.

I mean it’s one thing to not have the time at all and already know what you are doing to attract beautiful chicks and such…

…but it’s a double whammy if you feel like you don’t have the time to do it AND you struggle with attracting the women you want and/or having to build up the confidence to do it.

So here’s the deal on that:

If you simply don’t have ANY TIME to commit there’s nothing I can do to help you until you DECIDE to make it a priority.

Just like wanting to get in better physical shape you have to put time in at the gym, running, swimming, etc – some requisite effort is required and that means some kind of real time commitment.

However, if you are willing reorganize your top 2 or 3 life priorities so that you can make room for dating women AND you are struggling with knowing what your roadblocks are to attracting women you desire…

…and are concerned about the time it takes to figure it all out yourself and as quickly as possible along within not being sure how to do that whether it’s:

[+] Not knowing what to do or say to women

[+] Fixing your confidence / shyness

[+] Getting out of the friend zone

[+] Overcoming fear of rejection

[+] Developing your “magnetic vibe” so women chase you, instead of the other way around

[+] Getting women attracted to you for your personality instead of your money and/or success

[+] Finding both a hot/beautiful AND quality person for a girlfriend or long-term relationship

…then I DEFINITELY can help you out with all of that!

I can show you a STEP-BY-STEP process to do that that works for virtually any guy, and customized to your situation.

I’ve put in the time and effort for you to shortcut the whole thing whether you are really shy with women, not that shy but can’t seem to attract the women you want or get put in the friend zone more than you’d like, etc…

…but ONLY if you are committed enough to be willing to date more, take some kind of action to solve this!

So if you want to seriously cut down the learning curve and get on the path to SOLVING your issues once and for all with women…

…saving yourself trouble, pain and TIME…

…then you can apply for some support right here for that:

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Once you fill out a bit of information about your situation, we’ll discuss how I might best be able to help you…

…and only if I think it’s a fit might I invite you into one of my exclusive, world-class Magnetic Confidence programs.

Either way, the first step of applying could be your new commitment to handling this and putting in some effort by raising your hand and saying to yourself and the world that “I want this! I don’t want to stay here and I want to move forward somehow, someway!”

Just like I did when I began this journey YEARS ago as a formerly super-shy and nervous dude, who couldn’t muster up the courage to talk to women I was attracted to….

…or self-sabotaging and putting myself in the friend zone way too many times!

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It’s up to you brother, you get to choose your destiny.


P.S. Here’s a couple case studies of regular guys just like you and me that achieved HUGE transformations in their confidence & attraction abilities, so they could attract the women they wanted…whether it was for casual dating or a quality relationship.

P.P.S So again, you gotta ask yourself “what do I want here?” and be honest about wanting move forward, regardless if your current story of “I don’t have the time”…

…and here’s your chance to DECIDE TO not let another second go by dealing with the pain of not having your women situation handled. You know what to do right here if you’re ready and willing to leapfrog forward into a new life:​​​​​​​

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