Do you have the 3 month or 3 year “curse”?

i.e. do your dating or relationships with women never get QUITE go nearly as far as you’d like?

Or never even CLOSE to what you truly want with women?

If so, there’s a pretty good chance love life is getting decimated by self-sabotage.

This is SCARY, because you’ve probably worked hard to get that number, date, sto some casual fun or the second month of dating, let alone the second date.

You’re fearful because you’ve probably thought “she could be the one” only to have her flake out, ghost or never hear from her again.

You’re afraid to move forward because you might think “what am I doing wrong?!!?”

Even though it feels like you’re doing everything right!

There is a part of ALL of us that says “why does this happen to me?”…

That says “this is TOO hard”

That says “All women are totally crazy.”

And that self-sabotaging part can completely overtake us if we’re not careful.

It take us out of the “game” of dating and mating.

I’ve got GOOD NEWS for you though here:

Beyond the self-sabotaging victim, the angry face, the crossed arms, the “this always happens to me” energy….

…there’s a CORE part of you, that’s the REAL YOU calling out.

It’s calling out for CHANGE.

Without acknowledge that voice from within, that knows things are right and that things HAVE TO change, you’ll take action but it won’t be effective and your mind will constantly be looking for the same evidence, and re-create the same circumstances…

…over and OVER again just like Groundhog Day.

And without change, we’ll be stuck in the same spot FOR YEARS.

You’ll even think “hey I’m doing my best” which is just a way to justify staying stuck in your current situation, and protect your ego.

When you are CAPABLE of so much more in the dating department!

If you want to rid your relationships of self-sabotage (aka victim energy), make the changes you NEED to succeed then you must.

1. Develop your self-confidence and sexy vibe

2. Remove the pedestal you’re putting beautiful women on, so you can level the playing field and see them for who they are

3. Stop the online dating/app non-sense with low quality women that you chase and barely meetup with, and get back to real world meeting of women and dating

4. Quit chasing women like all the other guys do, and inspire and invite the to chase you (ties to step 1 a whole lot)

5. Learn to express yourself and a lighthearted and fun way, which includes to learn to be happy WITHOUT the women you want in your life, which will attract all the women you can handle.

Now you could spend years trying to do this on your own or with manipulative pickup techniques…and never quite get there, or get there at all.

Or you could change it in just three months with inner work, practical skills, and world-class support.

Just like these guys chose to get help.

But that is possible if and only if you listen to the part of you that’s screaming for love, and tell your self-sabotaging inner critic to shut the heck up!

The choice is yours.


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