Hey man –

When it comes to your love life with the ladies…

…do you have a plan for success or failure?

Here’s a guaranteed plan for failure of what you should NOT do.

Step 1: do everything like every other guy.



Hitting on.






(Getting tired yet?)

Step 2: repeat the cycle.

Not like you have a choice.

‘Cause you don’t know any better.

Each of the above takes tons of precious time.

And your energy.

On their own.

Keep doing ’em all?

And something’s gotta give.

Usually, quality.

That…or you don’t attract hardly any women at all!

(Need a cocktail now?)

Step 3: do NOT change.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Work hard to prove yourself to her and get wavering results at best.

But don’t worry.

Burnout and giving up is just around the corner.

I promise.

(Need a bro-hug?)

Or you could do the opposite.

You could do way less.

You could focus on being the best you.

The most attractive.

Stop chasing them.

Let them chase you.

Enjoy the process of it all.

I mean. Dude.

Once you stop chasing and trying to lock them down?

Like THIS?

All you have to do is let them hunt you down.

Choose your pick of the cream of the crop.

Everything is taken care of, from here on out.

In your love life.

99% sure I can help ya do that.

You successful, high-achiever you.

Who’s totally crushing it in your career or business already.

But not with the women you WANT.

Just need to fill out a bit of info on your ‘sitch.

Book a time in my calendar.

Make sure you’re committed to fixing this.

Once and for all.

Gotta be coachable.

And a decisive action-taker.

Let’s get the hotties chasing you.

For casual, honest fun.

Or the RIGHT relationship with a true beauty.

You’re in the lead.

In control.

The way you BOTH want.

And never worry about this silly Valentine’s Day.

Ever again.

Cuz you got “the mojo” now.

Forever more.


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