David here with Core of Confidence.

Listen up, as I have something really important to share with you about online dating.

If you’re sick of wasting precious time and energy and NOT even coming close to attracting beautiful, quality women…

…then there is a better way!

There is nothing worse then putting all this effort in and NOT getting the results you want.

You send out a bunch of messages to matches on Tinder / Match / OkCupid (or whatever site you’re “tryin’ and dyin’ on”)…

…and all you end up with is an inbox full of crickets with a few random fatties, uglies or hot but totally fake profile chicks trying to scam you for money or  get you to their personal nudie site …

…that you wonder why you even spent ANY time trying to reach out in the first place!

Let alone if you’re a successful older guy in his 40s, 50s or 60s who has kept in good shape and you look at least 10-15 years younger (people constantly tell you so) AND you want to date younger women?

You’re totally HOSED from even coming close to younger women because of age filtering.

So you think “it must be my profile” or “something I’m doing wrong” and then you try tweaking your pictures and profile trying to look and be as attractive and cool as possible…

…and still NOTHING changes at all.

Just a continually wasteland of an inbox and you’re left all alone feeling frustration, rejected or like “something is wrong with ME.”

Even if you do get responses they’re from mediocre women looks-wise and even to get one of them on a date takes a bunch of effort and you have to chase them down.

(shaking head and sighing).

It’s so freakin’ frustrating right?

I can tell you that NONE of that is your REAL problem here.

And it’s NOT your fault!

You just don’t understand what the real problem is, and how to fix it!

The REAL PROBLEM is the one that almost all guys these days have with online dating.

You can’t just reach out to whoever you want just because you matched or think she’s hot or are witty in messaging conversation.

And that is what a lot of successful men who “look good on paper” are trying to rely on – holding their breath hoping for the best…

…but just turning more and more blue in the face (and the balls!)

The only thing more of this behavior does is create a reality in your life that you don’t want…

…eventually to the point where many guys just given up on dating & relationships deciding to be alone for the rest of their  days.

I DON’T want that for you, and that’s not why you’re here right?

And if you don’t change things here and keep getting what you DON’T WANT you will never actually get around to getting what you do what. The motivation via the frustration and rejection can lead to fading away.

Look – YOU deserve to have the best quality of women that you want to date or get into a relationship with…

…you shouldn’t have to deal with all this BS of getting no results for so much effort and time right?

The solution is to get out into the REAL world where you can leverage the natural attraction women and men feel that CANNOT be communicated online.

This women are “hiding” all around you in real life and you’re killing yourself not doing it the old-fashioned way, but with a lot of upgrades like I talk about to get them chasing YOU!

(Old-timey pursuer and hunter methods are not only too much effort and work but essentially DEAD in the modern world.)

Where both social and SEXUAL energy (vibe) can transmit across a room without even having said a word to her first, so you’re in like flynn by the time you even go talk to her!

It’s like Jedi magic, but this stuff is REAL and practical and just gets amazing results.

Not to mention if you have confidence problems and are using online dating as a crutch around those issues you’ll NEVER be as powerful of a man as you can be without solving them.

I can help you fix this and fix this fast!

Click the link below, let me know a bit about your situation and book a free Breakthrough Session with yours truly.

Just make sure you are 100% committed to fixing your situation and are already successful in other areas of life already like career, health, etc.

We will sort out what’s truly not working, what is and map a game-plan to fix it all.

This is all quite simple formula to attract the kinds of women you want, when you know what to do and how everything works built around your personal vision and lifestyle…

….so you can have your life firing on all cylinders especially in the ever-important area of dating, sex and relationships.

I mean, come on, you didn’t work this hard for all of your success just to come home to an empty home or lonely nights not to share things with a beautiful women – or three of  them, did you? 🙂

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Let’s do this.


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