If you’ve tried to solve your confidence, attraction and dating problems (whether online or offline) and you’re just not getting the results that you want…

…you may have noticed that it’s an endless, crushing GRIND, isn’t it?

The dating apps claim you’ll meet the right girl, traditional advice says “just be yourself”…

…and the hardcore pickup artists basically tell you to be someone you’re not using techniques, lines and tricks.

Here’s why that all sucks:

1) The Online Dating Debacle

It’s an endless sea of first-name faces, that doesn’t get a guy what he wants in terms of a beautiful woman (or several women he’s dating) that are beautiful and cool inside & out:

It usually goes like one of these here…

[+] Hot girls that never end up responding or going out with you. Because you can’t display confidence or a sexually magnetic vibe that goes beyond looks, they just won’t pick you, like they will in-person – when you have a sexually magnetic vibe, which all stems from a sexually confidence mindset!

[+] You want to date younger women but they filter you out by age in the system (even though in real life they could be attracted to you)

[+] The dates you do go on women are either less good looking so you settle…OR they don’t look like their pictures at all, which were taken when they were younger and or in better shape.

[+] Hot chick scammers respond but then want you to send money to “fly them out to see you”

Trying to capture the attention of the women you want an endlessly-distracted online dating marketplace is futile! Plus it’s a TON of work for little to no results, even though it seems like it would be easy.

2) Traditional means don’t work any longer.

There’s a huge difference between getting matches, messages, numbers, dates, sex or even a girlfriend…when she has all the power and you have to chase her down…rather than  being the one that’s being chased!

Like so many of the guys I’ve personally & directly worked with have experienced, once we get under the hood and fix everything they are doing wrong, beautiful & cool women naturally pursuing them in their lives, just how they want…which runs the gamut from friends with benefits, to landing a great girlfriend.

3) Pickup artistry creates unhealthy attraction & relationship patterns.

Though there are more techniques and tricks, it’s still based on chasing women and “trying to isolate her” or lock her down.

You’re basically taught to do all kinds of stuff that mainly includes hunting her down like a needy dog and constantly being manipulative even if you are getting some kind of results.

It’s really just a traditional mindframe on steroids, which doesn’t lead to an easier and more natural way of doing things.

With all of these routes, if you’ve been looking down the barrel of a life spent lonely, frustrated, sexless, connectionless and it seems like a really dissatisfying existence, then you’re right! I totally agree.

Thank God there’s a better way.

You don’t have to endlessly chase women on dating apps, the grocery store, the coffee shop or in bars – to get amazing results.

You just need the right mindset and method combined.

You don’t need to be chasing women down any longer, and especially the ones you DON’T want.

TODAY you can begin creating the best version of you, that’s still authentic at your core, so you can attract the hot women you want naturally wherever you go, and in a way that will fit your lifestyle.

Right now, there are women out there looking to be with the Right Guy that they desperately want to go after…but he rarely shows up because 99% of the men out there think they have to chase and hunt women down.

What they’re missing is the best version of YOU.

Lonely at night, these beautiful are actually on their knees, hoping and praying that he will come along some day – that guy they are magnetically attracted to and will do anything to be with and show them the way to happiness and love.

Isn’t it time you stopped grinding it out with online dating that isn’t working for you, trying to “just be yourself” and do more of what isn’t working, or weird techniques and tricks that are manipulative and ultimately unfulfilling?

If you want to stop doing any or all that junk, and change everything and create the confident, magnetic and sexiest version of you WHILE staying true to who you are at your core, so you can attract the exact kinds of beautiful women that you want, then let’s talk.

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