Not long ago, in the near past…

…I talked with someone who’s been trying to build his confidence with women he desires by doing all the “typical” things that many guys do that are living in fear.

Like only spending time on social media, watching videos, reading articles on all kinds of blogs about confidence, shyness, how to meet women, get charisma…

…or date and get into relationship, sleep with her, etc…

…and even buying books on Amazon and reading the (or not)….

…only to get a sense of TEMPORARY HOPE that goes away minutes later.

And then the process repeats itself again and AGAIN!

Only STAYING STUCK right back where they started before that “emotional crack hit” comes along, makes him feel better for an instant or two.

Before he sinks back down into the hole of frustration and REGRET – for still not taking real action to move forward in his life.

The real problem is this:

He’s just NOT making any real progress!

Month after month and year after year…

….just small illusions that feel good for a few moments or minutes – and then reality sets back in, again…

…and again…

…and AGAIN! (Even though he’s putting SO MUCH time and effort THINKING about his problem and what to do about it which doesn’t move him forward).

In a matter of minutes, I showed him exactly what he deepest issue was that was holding him back from his confidence and most attractive version of himself.

What was truly holding him back from having the life he wanted, without having to watch another video, read another blog post, or buy another book.

Or an online course for that matter – which is a fancier version of all of the above.

Look I’m not saying anything is wrong with that stuff…but if you aren’t moving forward IN ACTION, then WTF are you doing?

You’re mentally masturbating that’s what.

Which is actually worse than really j*cking off in front of your computer to porn man!

And when I was done, he told me what I uncovered for him and the plan we mapped out for him was worth FAR MORE than all the time, energy and money he had invested in the past several years.

He was thanking me profusely!

Does that sound like something you’d like to have, too?

Beacuse that’s what we can take a look at doing starting off with a free Breakthrough Session for you.

This is best suited for shy and introverted guys who have had enough of not making progress or getting REAL RESULTS in their lives with attractive women (+socially too)…

…guys who are ready to GO FOR IT and change this once and for all.

You also have to be willing to invest in yourself (which by the way when you don’t you tell your subconscious you’re not worth it – ask me how I know!)

So truly it’s not for every guy and that’s OK.

So if you already have more than enough knowledge and “techniques” at your fingertips – which is about 2-3 books or the equivalent of watching 15 videos or so – is more than enough “knowledge”
usually and…

….you’d like to feel way more consistently confident without the frustration of making no progress, and actually learn how to meet, connect and build strong attraction with women, becoming more socially charming….

…then you can apply for a Breakthough Call:

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We will talk about how to cut away all the “stuff” that wastes your time, energy, and life…

…so you can establish a true core foundation of confidence and live really get on the path of living the life you want AND were meant to live with women, dating relationships..and more.

Because ultimately it’s about have POWER and FREEDOM in your life as a man..

And this is an IMPORTANT part of it.

But only if you take new action here – because success (unfortunately) doesn’t ever come to those who wait ​around for things to change.

–> Apply for a Breakthrough Session

Ask me how I know. 🙂