Got one especially for the divorced guys tonight feeling out of the game…

…and if you’re not one of ’em, please excuse em moi plenty of stuff will continue to come your way.

And if you ARE one then let’s get onto da business here:

Something struck me like lightening bolt to the brain the other day about what we often struggle with as men in the dating and mating game…

It was this:

That there are many. many men out there, middle aged and up that have been struggling so long or are out in the game again after being in a relationship or marriage for years…

…so much so that they’ve gotten used to it thinking they are doomed to never have the women they want or the confidence and skills to do it!

Making them JADED and frustrated!

I know I’ve felt that way.

And it’s not freakin’ fun as you well know!

And as men, there is also this weird phenomena, where when we aren’t living on purpose and realizing our potential especially in being able to attract the women that we want so we can have OUR pick…

…we feel POWERLESS.

No matter how successful you’ve been, or how hard you’ve worked…

…you might even feel women are ungrateful and expect you to pony up the cash, or call all the shots.

And that happens all too often…

…but unfortunately that is to guys who don’t know how attraction works and what we are up against with women.

And no I’m not blaming women, because most women don’t even understand it at all.

You sometimes wake up in the middle of the night thinking or early morning

“Is this how it has to be???


Been there, done that!

Man, I have been there and back many so many times.

And you know what?

I’m NOT OK WITH IT that too many middle-aged guys & good-hearted men, have to deal with this struggle.

Feeling out of control, disempowered and frustrated beyond belief.

It’s also for the good of women too, because they don’t want this either (even though it’s really unconscious for them).

So I’m on mission to change that, man by man in 2017.

If You Are SICK OF:

[+] Getting rejected or repelling the types of women that you want

[+] Not being able to shake the feeling that you’ll never find her though it seems like other men are in the perfect relationship or get lots of attractive women wanting them

[+] Having difficulty in ATTRACTING the right woman for you (whether you feel confident or not)

[+] Lacking confidence in going after the women you want, whether that’s approaching, continuing the conversation or asking her out

[+] Having issues with her disappearing or saying “it’s not you, it’s me” after one or a few dates

[+] Not getting the results you want with online dating in terms of quality of women (or any dates at all) and are pretty dang frustrated by it

[+] Getting put in the “friend zone” by women you like and thought it was going in the right direction

[+] Having challenges connecting on a deeper or more intimate level with a woman you like

[+] Being too serious and not fun and/or spontaneous enough to keep her interested

[+] General shyness, and social anxiety around not only attractive or beautiful women you want, but people in general too (which affects this greatly)

[+] Been a long time since you’ve dated or been with a women

[+] Feeling like you’re being used for money, success, etc and not liked for being “you”

[+] Feel like you’re too nice or too much of a good guy, and they seem to go after only the bad boys

…then here’s the deal.

I’ve discovered key methods & strategies for having more confidence and being more attractive to you can up-level your game with women in 2017.

It works like crazy, whether you are introvert or extrovert.

I like to call it “Magnetic Confidence” brother!

What I’d love to do if it would help you, is to see where you’re at in terms of your current confidence and success with women and help you fix this in your life.

What we’ll do it jump on a call and see what needs fixing and where I can help you most with this.


…If you want 2017 to be awesome with women you can grab a free strategy session now:

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FYI – It’s best suited for guys that have a stable career or business and that are committed in handling their challenges with women, and getting what they want and deserve…

…because getting good with women won’t fix that, better to handle that first and then come back and sign up for a session, that’s what I recommend.

And honestly, most everyone who gets on the strategy call always wants to discuss coaching together, and well…

that’s not free, sorry my man.

But if you fit the criteria above and really want to accelerate your success with women (we’re not getting any younger g*dd*mmit! really pisses me off some days :)…

…then let’s nail down a rock-solid plan so you can NAIL IT with women in 2017, and have a banner year in dating & relationships like never before.

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P.S. The alternative to having more confidence, attraction, sex, dates, relationships is to stay right where you are at, doing nothing new.

However, if you really want to have the life you want and that I FULLY believe you deserve as a man, are willing to put in some effort to fix this (with my help of course)…on this session I’m going to give you a personalized step-by-step plan to do it…

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