Are you often up against the fear of rejection?

Whether it’s upon approaching an attractive women…

…or when it comes time to get her number…

…or when going in for the kiss or further along physically?

No matter what part of the process you fear (and the more shy you are the worse it is, this FEAR))….

…we all must face up to the rejection anxiety at some point or another.

The fear of rejection comes from even more primal kind of fear….

which is the fear the unknown is a survival instinct, millions of years old.

It’s antiquated and it’s outdated.

No longer helpful or productive in modern times especially for us me.

There’s only two main ways to handle fear of rejection.

They are:

1. Cope with it, push through it and get used to it by desensitizing yourself

2. Not seeing it as rejection and letting go of any definition that it’s a rejection…or reframing rejection into something else like “it’s just a no” or “she didn’t reject me…” etc

Either way it comes down to being indifferent about what the result is, which also means having a high self esteem that is generated from inside of you, and not in reference to whether she says “yes” or not.

It actually doesn’t matter which way you come to deal with it (though in my book #2 is the better option, ultimately).

And one thing is for DAMN sure brother.

It’s that this fear of rejection/unknown also harbors within it opportunity.

As the wise, old Wayne Gretsky, superstar of hockey said:

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

You don’t even get a shot at interacting with her if you don’t approach her or her group.

You don’t get the opportunity to stay connected if you guys don’t exchange contact info.

You don’t get to go on a date with her if you don’t setup the context to ask her out, or have her ask you.

You don’t get to move things forward sexually without touching or kissing her (appropriately for where the interaction or connection is at), if you don’t make any attempts to advance things.

SO you MUST work to get beyond the fear that keeps you from opportunities with the women you want

And keep reaching for it.

Use courage to push through and talk to her and/or saying “it’s no big deal” if she turns you down.

Courage comes from the Latin word “cor” which means heart.

Essentially courage means to act with heart, in the face of fear.

No fancy technique can beat that.​​​​​​​

There is A LOT of value in being an action taker, rather than an overthinker.

I’m not kidding, because even I’ve gone into slumps over the years where I fell off the wagon.

Where nothing but going out and taking some good ‘ol fashioned action to clean the rust off the ol’ dating muscles.

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It’s why I’m here, why I exist having been through it myself.