Here’s something I know.

It’s about men who are successful in dating/love (and in life) vs. those who aren’t…

The guys who truly succeed are DECISIVE ACTION TAKERS.

Dudes who fail at everything and never finish what they start are indecisive.

It’s such a massive dating destroyer, truly.

The guys CANNOT make a decision to save their life.

So instead of actually doing anything, they sit in fear, overwhelm, and anxiety and do nothing.

They are in a constant state of panic about “what the world is going to throw at them next”.

That means that the number one destroyer of dating is INDECISION.

***Brutal honesty here: I hate people like that and get them out of my life ASAP***

The fear of failure is so great that they’d rather do nothing than even try. And the irony of this is DOING NOTHING IS FAILING.

The quickest remedy for fear is action.


There’s only two ways to fail: to quit OR never start at all.

Instead of always fearing failure, why not be open to the OPPORTUNITY of what CAN happen when you give something your best effort and then some?

If you’re a successful man in his career or business that struggles with the ladies, then listen up.

While you’re sitting on the fence deciding whether or not to book a call and if this stuff can really work for you other guys are booking calls to help help and those that are really ready to move forward and solve this…

…are now just KICKING ASS, and fearlessly so with what I teach!

For every reason why you think what I teach wouldn’t work for you I could point you to someone who was worse off than you who’s doing it RIGHT NOW.

And if you’re wondering, if you believe that about yourself that’s a limiting belief.

That’s sabotaging your success – probably not just here but in others areas of your life where you’re not realizing your potential…

…even if you are already highly successful in your business or career!

Mindblowing right?

It’s true!

This is why one of my specialties is in extensive mindset training for guys.

It’s equally as important as the right strategies and tactics to get women chasing you.

This is what the cycle of success looks like:

Beliefs → Actions → Outcomes → Results

Ultimately, are your actions driven by scarcity and fear or courage and abundance?

If you’ve had enough of what you’re doing or you’re ready to put your ego aside and just admit you need some help and you’re ready to start KICKING ASS NOW as a man who’s currently quite successful in his career or business…

…then schedule a fill out the application, pick a time that works for you, and let’s see how I can best help you out.

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So here’s how these calls work:

We’ll take some time to talk about your current love life and we’ll figure out exactly where you are now, what’s holding you back, and what you want to achieve ultimately in your love life with women.

If you’re a good person (most important) and I believe that I can actually help you, I’ll tell you all about the appropriate steps and how I can personally help you get there.

The SKY’S THE LIMIT with what I teach!

And this part is VERY IMPORTANT:

Along with already being a successful high achiever (i.e. successful entrepreneur, executive or high-performing professional like a doctor, attorney, rockstar IT pro, etc) who’s doing well in your career or business you must:

  1. Coachable – willing to take direction and open to feedback and do what it takes to achieve your desired outcomes
  2. Decisive – make decisions quick to move forward and do what’s truly in your best interests to achieve said results we map out in a plan customized to you
  3. Resourceful – are the kind of guy who isn’t willing to SETTLE FOR LESS in his life, especially his love life, so you know you must be resourceful like you’ve been in your career or business to be successful in it…and the same applies here.

Bottom line, is also that if you’re scheduling a “curiosity call” with the intent of “gather information for later”, this call is NOT for you.

This is the kind of mentality that keeps you stuck from what you want with women BTW.

Instead, this is about being a DECISIVE ACTION TAKER.

If you’re committed to having the dating and love life you want with women then:
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P.S. Have no idea what I’m talking about?

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