Don’t be!

Here’s how:

1) Never hit on women again.

You’re just competing with all the other guys even the exceptionally skilled hunters.

You’re doing WAY too much work!

It’s NOT necessary.

2) Drop the online dating focus.

In the same category as above but WAY worse.

Because of all the schmos inundating women with “hi sexy” contacts and “urrr soo hot” comments and general over-pursuing of women anyways.

(Sigh, it’s so freakin’ terrible.)

3) Remove the pedestal you’ve been conditioned to put women on

That means stop “squirreling” when a hot woman enters the room.

Stop glancing over and talking about how hot she is with your buddies.

Or even in your own head.

(Stop it!)

4) Freakin’ relax, man!

Quit trying to get her attention, get her number, get her on a date, get her alone, get sex, git, git, git….GIT! Yeee-haaawww!


(Do me a favor: relax and be cool, let her come to you, I pity da fool!)

5) But not too relaxed.

You still do have to engage with women, homeboy.

You can’t be a lump on a log with zero social skills, no swagger, and definitely not an energy vampire.

Like lots of guys are whether they chase too much, or are too passive, boring and negative.

(Or you’ll get just as nowhere, granted with less effort.)

6) Avoid traditional dating advice

“Just be yourself but definitely ask her out, compliment her and tell her you like her, women so love and appreciate that!”

(So wrong on SO many levels. What a lie that telling her how you feel hasANYTHING to do with if she’s attracted to you or not! Total BS.)

7) Get social with women and everyone

You don’t need to hunt women like skeet-shooting targets with the cool, relaxed and sexy vibe that can come from doing steps 1-6 above.

Talk to everyone you can, you can be low key, don’t need no stinkin’ high energy life of the party crap.

If you’re an introvert the lower key the better.

Having a mystique about you is a powerful force that over-the-top, life-of-the-party guys often lack.

Though it’s true they often can do well with women, depending.

The last thing I wanna be is life of the party, gag me with a ginsu bro!

Ok then.

The more you break those rules, the more unforgivably average you become in her eyes.

Especially if she’s beautiful, hot or a woman of quality in any way.

So drop the bad habits and get to it.

Or if you’re:

  1. An already successful guy who’s kicking booty in your business or career
  2. Are committed to fixing your dating situation (or lack thereof) ASAP
  3. Ready and willing to change

…then you can get some help from me right here to accelerate all of this and make your love life exceptional.

He who hesitates, waits on creating the destiny he deserves.

Especially in the women department!

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