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Couple of things to keep in mind:

1) These are all real clients, who have graciously agreed to share their experiences.

2) Specific results shared are not necessarily typical. These are all extraordinary and successful men men with serious commitment to solve their dating, social and confidence challenges. They worked hard, were decisive and resourceful and often had to push through obstacles to succeed as they have, even with my direct help.

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Individual Case Study Interviews


Hear how Joe (Age: 38) was going through a divorce, and amped up his game and how he went from down & out, to having 3 attractive women in his “honest harem” where they all know the deal…


Joseph (Age: 39) needed some help being more social and meeting the kinds of women he wanted.

Hear his story on how he went from “zero to hero” in a matter of weeks, and how he met his “right woman” after dating several different ladies:


As a shy wallflower, Jeff H. (Age: 52) hardly talked to anyone but his friends when he went out. As a hard working and successful business owner and investor, he knew he deserved more in life.

On top of that he was seeing a woman who was demanding of him and got upset when he didn't pay for things. In this clip he talks about his transformation in a low-key ladies man that women stare at, ask about and of course, chase!


Bruce (Age: 51) was a divorced dad who was really frustrated with both his dating and social life. He was a unique case in as an extrovert who could talk to anyone, but repelled everyone.

During our work together, his life began to fire on all cylinders in ALL area dating, social, work and family too.

After diligently applying what I showed him, a hot women who he was chasing for 2 years (and nothing ever happened with) suddenly began chasing him and they became lovers - all within a few weeks time. Bruce became the carefree & sexy king of his world.


Joel (Age: 31) was humming along in his career as a software engineer, but having trouble attracting high-quality women post-divorce.

In Joel's case study you'll hear about how he went from struggling trying to pick-up women, lacking social graces and even had some anti-social behavior into becoming truly at ease, confidence and locking in his version of the magnetic vibe.

He ended up seeing one of the hottest women he's ever been with, easily attracting women wherever he goes. He also improved his relationships with family, friends and made a huge leap up in his career, along with all his success in the dating world.


Michael (Age: 58) a successful business owner and great guy, had been out of the dating game for many years. When he first came to me, he had a ton of fear talking to attractive women and also people he didn't know yet.

Michael didn't have the confidence or know how to go from meeting women into asking them out and turn it into more than just friends.

In this amazing case study, discover how Michael broke through to become a laid-back ladies man who ended up seeing three women at once, until he met his now beautiful girlfriend who adores him as much as he does her.

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