If you struggle with your confidence and attraction abilities around beautiful, hot, and/or high quality women then you will want to check this out…

…because I know how frustrating and even DEPRESSING to be constantly tormented by not being able to be confident and be your best self around these types of women…

…that I know you truly want!

You know what else I believe?

That you actually DESERVE them, too.

That’s what I had to come to see for myself to breakthrough these kinds of barriers!

And if you are doing the same old thing, day-in and day-out like

….you’re reading a bunch of information but not acting on it…

…or you’re doing NOTHING AT ALL (the big mistake!)…

…the how do you plan on ever getting these kinds of women in your life whether dating several at once, or finding the right women for you?

It is not possible, actually, if you don’t do something DIFFERENT than what you have been doing.

And your problems won’t go away, in fact they will get worse over time and can even harden more!

You become more jaded and “accepting” but not in a good way!

Making excuses like:

“I’m not good looking enough” (wrong!)

“I’m just too old” (incorrect!)

“All women just want me for my success and women” (nope, not even!)


I know – because I’ve struggled with these very same issues myself.

So what can you do?

If you are like most successful men that struggle with attracting hot, high-quality women and/or confidence …then you either probably do one of to things

1. Keep trying to cognitively absorb more info, but don’t really make progress applying it (it’s tough I know)

2. Do nothing and just “accept” it is how you are!

With #1 – basically read more stuff and watch more videos without applying the info because if you don’t know what you are doing it actually COMPLICATES your mind, your life..

..then you try to cram even more information in your head that will cause you even more frustration and overwhelm.

And with #2 – well that’s pretty obvious what that will do. 🙂

Both can keep you stuck for years, or even possibly make things get WORSE depending on what you do or don’t do.

That sucks, right?!?!

So instead of upgrading your confidence & attraction abilities, learning to become magnetic and the most authentic/best version of you as a man…

…you now are more confused than ever, with more information in your head, looking too many steps ahead and you don’t know what goes where which leads to…


And somehow, eventually, if you just cram more and more info into your skull, hope hard enough, ride the emotional high of all those videos you watch but not make in big changes in what you are doing and what you are applying…

…that your attraction will just “go mangetic” and your confidence will just skyrocket to insane levels and then SUDDENLY you’ll have women clamoring for you everywhere just knocking at your door, drawn to your current version of you and your life…

…and they’ll just love and appreciate you for “who you are” right now as is.

I sure wished it worked that way, and if it did that is exactly what I’d tell you to do.

But it DOESN’T WORK that way.

By no means am I telling you to be some kind of phony, in fact more of who you really ARE will come out when you really start to become the magnetically attractive and authentically confident man you were meant to be.

So tell me:

Since when does no real change your daily habits, more overwhelm, rejection, loneliness and endless time on the mental hamster wheel…

…equal the change you seek leading to you to be able to attract the beautiful and hot women who are waiting for that guy to show up everyday?

Here’s the GOOD NEWS about it all…

You don’t have to live this way any more if you don’t have the results you want with beautiful chicks, that are amazing inside & out!

The biggest reason this is not happening for you is because you don’t know the clear path for yourself.

I talk to successful guys like you each week about this and nearly everyone is at a different point on their path even though there are many similarities…

…it’s not a cookie-cutter kind of thing to find your path.

If the pilot doesn’t know you don’t know exactly he is going flying the jet place, let alone doesn’t know how to operate it…it’s unlikely you’ll make it there.

Same with your attraction & confidence abilities around attractive women.

If you don’t have a laser focused plan to overcome your challenges with women to build the confidence you need, the attractive “vibe” and abilities you need to be on the level to interact and connect with high-quality ladies..

…well, it’s just not gonna happen, I’m sorry to say.

In fact, you will likely go backwards over time.

Here’s the truth about it…

Quite simply…it is a PROCESS.

And when you know the process and commit to it it actually makes the path to real confidence progress so you can not only connect with these types of women…

…but become the kind of guy they FLOCK to pretty much everywhere you go!

You’ll NEVER be in the friend zone again!

I was more stressed out trying to cram more and more information into my head, force myself to go out and imitate cocky and confident guys and worked WAY TOO HARD at it…

…chasing chicks, trying to do stuff to attract them more that didn’t work, because I didn’t believe in me first…

…and so it felt more inauthentic than ever, had a harder time connecting with women…

…versus where I am now where I know my worth & value as a man, have the real understanding of how women, especially really attractive ones work…

…it’s like seeing through The Matrix like Neo, seriously!

Look I’m not perfect, I still have my moments.

But I also realize how much of this stuff is a completely INTERNAL game and that is what drives everything.

And why have I been able to achieve this?

It’s because of the “Magnetic Confidence Formula” I use every day as a guy who wasn’t a natural with women, that learned to be.

It’s the fastest way to develop your attraction abilities without all kinds of unnecessary and confusing information, frustration and overwhelm – which can just cause more problems, right?

Hey – if I can do it – YOU really have no excuses..

…I’ve said them myself and heard them all!

So let me ask you:

How much longer do you want to struggle with this, let life go by, years even, wasting your time and energy worrying about how you are going to solve this….

…just overwhelming yourself more and more and not building the life you want with women and becoming the guy who never has to worry about how to attract the kinds of women he wants ever again?

You are already successful in your work life, isn’t it time to finally take care of this now?

There are only 4 simple steps you need to know to fix this. That is IT.

So if you truly want to handle this and build your attraction and confidence to rock-solid levels, so you can meet and connect with the hot & beautiful women you want, and build relationships with them whether many or “the one”…

…without frustration, uncertainty, additional anxiety and massive amount of complexity then we should talk:

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